abstract thinking about society time: completely outside of all the material differences that make your entry into a field or specialty unlikely if you're not an abled bodied nt cishet white etc dude, even once you are actually in that field, i think a further problem that holds ppl back is that the inability to make casual mistakes fucking TANKS your learning speed

when every mistake you make will be held as evidence that people like you shouldn't be in this field, ur ability to go through a natural "fucking around and learning" entry process into any level of a field or specialty is nonexistent. when the thought process in your head every time you fuck up is "i can't ask anyone about this because they'll think i'm stupid because im just a [x]", developing a skillset becomes Agonizing

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dinosaur buttholes 

I hope that there's a place in heaven for people who are ugly and fuck up a lot. I hope the ranks of the einherjar include people who are older and have PTSD. I hope the bodhisattvas aren't limited to people with pleasant even features who give the right answers all the time.

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Oh you're androgynous? Is that boy androgynous or girl androgynous?

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Not only does LeGuin get a US Postage Stamp, the background celebrates one of the first and most notable #nonbinary characters in #sff.


i posted this publicly on social media so i'm just assuming there's at least one Super Obvious and Extremely Embarrassing typo in it it's fine you can just tell me

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"i'm going to release the code for this siddur once i'm done so other people can modify it and make any changes they want! :D" sounds like a promise but maybe it's actually a Threat

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anyway the code to make this happen is a Fucking Train Wreck and i did have to nudge these tables around by *tenths of a point* but uh

working in LaTeX, and i have two tables, each with two columns

all four columns (ie the left and right columns of the first table and the left and right columns of the second table) are different sizes, and i actively do not want to make them the same size

what i would like is for the center line of the two tables — ie the line where the left column meets the right column — to be vertically aligned on the page, to preserve the graphical continuity of the information. is this possible to do??? pls help

Cannabis Mention, Help a bro out? 

the 'friendzone' is actually a layer of hell where you're forced to watch the tv series 'friends'

poll for Black people, boost ++ 

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