anyway the code to make this happen is a Fucking Train Wreck and i did have to nudge these tables around by *tenths of a point* but uh

tumblr advertisers have finally figured out that site's main userbase: bottoms

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my friend commissioned @ brushykb on Twitter to draw this i n c r e d i b l e Actual Real Life Snapshot of me doing as a New Year's gift and i COULD NOT be more thrilled and happy with it!!! heck heck heck heck heck!!!

selfie with eye contact 

my favorite thing about this menorah is that it lets — or indeed makes — you choose

there is, obvs, A Lot to be said always about Ḥanukah and the Maccabees and the entire Hasmonean fracas and What Are We Even Commemorating Anyway, but in the years that i have been observing it, i have always felt Ḥanukah to be profoundly bound up with the idea of choice, the idea of *human* choice, the idea that, even in the face of everything, we are *choosing* to be Jewish, *choosing* to do Judaism, *choosing* to carry this tradition forward into whatever is coming

new refsheet of my fursona from @sockeye! super super stoked about how this turned out! :D defs recommend commissioning him if yr looking for fursona art — he was a real pleasure to work with!

another thing i like about my menorah is that when the candles burn down it looks like the olives themselves are burning and shooting up little tongues of flame ^_^

one of the things i love about this menorah is that the arch shape and the distance between the candles means that at first, when just the right side is lit, the left side still feels shadowed, in darkness. and then as the candles get added, more and more of the menorah lights up — it feels like light is being physically drawn across it as the holiday progresses

i may have Literally Cried in therapy tonight, but i also still got my menorah lit, so it all evens out, you know?

something something halfway there
something something living on a prayer?

is my phone "equipped" to "take pictures" of my menorah that are "good"? no. will this stop me? also no

conservative people in power: brin, could u be a little less . . . you?

bad news, fuckers, i am only ever going to get more me as time goes on; buckle up and stay hydrated

love it when the photo editor doesn't think about what things will look like in black and white 🙃

hey, so you remember how the final Qadish in Tractate Shabbat was fuckn tiny? ( well! for Eiruvin they made it . . . legible:

so i don't normally pay a ton of attention to the Vilna pages, but i *really* dig this illustration of a tree with its roots raised up — something about it just seems very alluring and powerfully drawn from another world. it's tiny, about the size of my pointer fingernail, but i kinda want to hang onto it as a sigil or something, figure out a way to pull a hi-res version and use it for Art

my shorthand ability has progressed to the point that my first drafts of articles that i do by hand look like this now, so uh, good luck to anyone who ever tries to do work on my archive, i guess

pro: my new laptop skin is very pretty

con: it is so pretty that i get lost staring at it and don't actually open my laptop to do any work

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