ok so if i'm reading the hit counter correctly, i *think* we just reached a major milestone for the Inclusive Siddur Project: i think we've now had at least 1,000 visitors since the site launched. pretty nifty for what's basically a one-person project!

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there was a HUGE bump on day one, and then a pretty quick taper off, but people have been poking around, a couple a day, pretty regularly since

it feels weird to try to like, aggressively hawk it, but i hope it is helpful and useful to the people who have found it <3

and i hope more people continue to find it! if you know someone who you think would appreciate some Friday Evening Jewish Liturgy that's de-gendered and re-written to hopefully be less sexist, ableist, xenophobic, etc, maybe share this with them? word of mouth, as ever, is the best publicity there is <3

but mostly! i just want to say: wow! and thanks! to everyone who has checked this website out. it feels really gladdening to know that i've made something that so many people have seen. i hope it has been of use to at least some of you <3

peace and blessings!

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