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new refsheet of my fursona from! super super stoked about how this turned out! :D defs recommend commissioning him if yr looking for fursona art — he was a real pleasure to work with!

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my friend commissioned @ brushykb on Twitter to draw this i n c r e d i b l e Actual Real Life Snapshot of me doing as a New Year's gift and i COULD NOT be more thrilled and happy with it!!! heck heck heck heck heck!!!

The most effort I’ve EVER put into a painting; it’d mean so much to me to hear what you guys think!

Finished painting for @monsterblue ! <3 thanks so much!

Want to support me?
Commission info!

The only blockchain I care about is the chain of blocks engraved with complaints about the quality of my copper.

"Luke, you switched off your targeting computer! What's wrong?"

The targeting computer:

Please sign in to acquire target. No login? Enter your email to create a free TargetLock Targeting Computers account and get all the newest updates!

Would you like to add this target to your memories?

If you like THERMAL EXHAUST PORTs, you might also be interested in...

[ Target will lock after ad ]

US Ikea says no plans to discontinue Blåhaj plushies, seems to be a UK-only discontinuation

also reminder that I have a patreon for my regular art, subscribe to see art i won't post anywhere else and have influence over commission deals!!

Complete butts! #MastoArt

If anyone would like to buy a digital print of this ($5 USD, a high res image file for you to download and print), let me know, and I'll scan it :)

hey i'm selling a bunch of characters

all of them are make an offer!! DM or comment if you want one of these guys, i can also do holds

We got all the tools my wife needs to start her job as a millwright Monday!
After 3 long years, we’ll have a professional income!

We don’t, however, have the money we needed for childcare this week.

Hoping to raise the $179 needed to keep Lu in care while Jess works and I attend college.
@londonshine for venmo (0309)
$glamorshark for cashapp


Learning new skills or developing existing ones by starting projects that don’t end in completion is a perfectly good and positive use of one’s time.

Your help is not well-intentioned if you're just assuming you know what help people need instead of asking them.

meta, fediblock? 

each one of these profiles is sus and this solagg looks like an MLM or something

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


i need $60 for groceries and $80 for medical weed ($140 total)

i've been trying to do freelance video editing and/or find a job as a video editor, i can't work anywhere facing the public because i have asthma and catching covid is a major health risk for me




thank you so much for saving my life multiple times and continuing to keep me alive, fediverse!!! :black_sparkles: :blacker_heart:

marriage equality, Switzerland, + 

"Switzerland has voted overwhelmingly in favour of same-sex marriage in a history-making referendum, proving that love always wins.

Some 64.1 per cent of the population voted in favour of allowing same-sex couples to marry, with just 35.9 per cent voting against.

Every single one of Switzerland’s 26 cantons voted in favour of same-sex marriage – the region that came closest to tipping into “no” territory was Appenzell Inner Rhoden, where 50.8 per cent voted in favour of marriage equality."

Wikipedia articles voice: *refers to a person by their name exclusively*
"Personal life: [person] identifies as transgender and uses they/them pronouns"

If you're a teenager in the US and your parents are refusing to provide consent to get you vaccinated, there's a website that's designed to help you figure out if and how you can get around your parents, as well as what vaccinations you should get if you haven't had any:

now it is time for: A Disquisition on the Oscillating Fitness of Fruit

doing Crimes by unlawfully showing baby animals to sages on a Festival

*imagine a picture of a baby lamb here*

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