The internet was first devised by alchemists to turn gold into lead

the meme dog is still alive and is still a v good girl btw

It’s been nearly two years since Lauren Michele Jackson wrote about digital blackface in Teen Vogue. If you’ve never heard of the practice or have been putting off researching it, here’s the link:

Thinking about how we use black reaction GIFs and memes is good praxis and should be done in tandem with increasing awareness about our use of AAVE.

Have a wonderful day!

I'm a proud member of the Leafy Greens, Beets, Turnips, Quinoa, Asparagus, Artichoke, Parsnip community

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"I'm radical," I say, going back to bed. "I'm punk," I say, snuggling under the covers. "I will facilitate a social revolution," I say, turning over and snuggling my teddy bear and falling asleep like a little baby,

Which are the things you learned/are learning during your PhD, that you value the most?

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every time i see a photo of The Vessel, i'm like "hah! it's one of those Buildings From A Sci-Fi Movie that look cool as heck but would be A Total Pain to actually like, use, which is why we don't build buildings like that" and then i remember it's actually . . . real.......

You are valuable and meaningful outside of your academic performance.

Someone just redeemed a THIRTY SIX year old coupon at my store 😯

Okay, so: based on my research I believe that RFC-69, from September 1970, is literally the first example of an internet person doing a reply-all and saying "please unsubscribe me from your list".

This is, of course, nice.

I’m gonna start a patreon where $5 donors get to Skype w me and just talk mad shit abt everyone you can’t stand @ work.

I want to revive something Teju Cole used to do on birbsite: everyone post photos of whatever's blooming around you, tagged with #florespondence and where you are. Please boost and take part. Making it a reply to me is optional but I'll always enjoy florespondence from all over. Here are the #Seattle daffodils that prompted me to get things started.

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might fuck around and react to some stimuli later. just something i'm considering

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