wack that we value things in society by how many people use them and not by how essential they are to the people that use them

I don't care how much funding/donation I lose or how many followers run from me in that process.

There is never going to be a moment when I stop calling out racism and it's sources whenever I see it. I am never going to stop identifying spaces that exist to harm people that are like me.

I am trying to build something bigger than a popularity and anxiety engine.

And I'm closer to it that people think.

My stamina for building healthy communities and reducing harm is unlimited.

Count on that.

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Also idr if this has been linked here before but

As you know, indigenous people and their allies out defending their own lands who have been arrested and could always use help with bail among other things.

If I'm ever hiring someone by reviewing their Github profile, I'm going to look through comments that they leave on other projects first.

It tells you a lot more about the person than the code that they list tells you about their skill level.

People always talk about my attitude and demeanor but never talk about the context of my mental health and the constant deluge of racism and hate that PV has dealt with since I spun up this instance.

I've seen more context and sympathy applies and give to the most hateful racists and instances. Bigots that have long histories of harassment and causing harm are given the benefit of the doubt repeatedly.

But the moments someone Black makes a mis-step, it's the end of the fucking world.

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There's always a social cost whenever I talk about the blatant hypocrisy of white progressive on the fedi but that just proves my point of how aggressive this place polices Black folks.

For me, it's worth it because I reach a lot of people who see how aggressive this place is with it's anti-blackness and we connect privately.

And let's be clear. There are more Black folks on the fedi than you think.

They just don't want to reveal that they're Black b/c they see how much the fedi hates us.

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"Steven with a v or Stephen with a ph?" 

Two more things and then I'm done:

1) Criticism without power analysis is sloppy/bad work
2) Justice feels like oppression to the oppressor

We blocked Elekk weeks ago because of their constant antagonization and them providing a home to a few of the worst bad actors who have been responsible for extended periods of harassment against PV.

I'd recommend you'd do the same. That place is a hub of anti-blackness and racism. And it has been for a long time.

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UK people, please join me in signing this petition asking the government to keep gender transition treatments legal for trans kids!


Grad school idea (-) 

I said this in a letter to a certain place a few weeks ago.

If your higher ups in any setting, institution, etc, are the ones that are doing the work to make a space less racist or antiblack, AND the ppl doing that work are white or NB-PoC it wont get done.

"You dont have the range" holds true.

White ppl don't get to decide what is appropriate for PoC
NBpoC don't get to decide what is best for Blk folks.

Addressing racism means going outside of yourself not fully internalizing

the weak tapir-worf hypothesis: it would be cute if you named a tapir Worf after the star trek man

the strong tapir-worf hypothesis: worf from star trek’s fursona is a tapir

Romaphobia, COVID 

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Whites: We will never know what happened to the American indigenous peoples 😢

Indigenous peoples: Quit telling everyone we're dead!

Whites: Sometimes we can still hear their voices 😩

an example of how Liberals deliberately blur the lines between nuance and false equivalency 

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sectarian implications 

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