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new refsheet of my fursona from @sockeye! super super stoked about how this turned out! :D defs recommend commissioning him if yr looking for fursona art — he was a real pleasure to work with!

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my friend commissioned @ brushykb on Twitter to draw this i n c r e d i b l e Actual Real Life Snapshot of me doing as a New Year's gift and i COULD NOT be more thrilled and happy with it!!! heck heck heck heck heck!!!

asking someone who's plural about their past too far back is like asking someone to describe a scene in a movie they saw five years ago as if they were in it lol

share/donate to help a black nonbinary sex worker who is being targeted by white supremacists

oh you're a human? name every picture with a boat in it

Ever Given crew fears getting stranded on their ship 

So sailors getting stranded on their ships while the ship's owners negotiate with authorities (or just wait until the ship goes away) is a thing and the Ever Given crew is worried they'll not be able to leave the ship while the owners are in talks with the Egyptian government.
"According to the International Maritime Organisation, there were at least 31 cases of abandonment between January and August 2020, concerning 470 seafarers. The IMO has recorded 438 cases affecting 5,767 seafarers since 2004.
Even Mohammed Aisha’s longstanding case isn’t unique to the Gulf of Suez: a Turkish captain, Vehbi Kara, was abandoned onboard the MV Kenan Mete in June last year, left on a ship infested with mice and without food or water."

Gonna get assigned a gender does anyone want anything

what do you call the programming of a gay robot 

queer coded


don't trust anyone who think# professionalism is a series of etiquette rules and not a general "do the work as you are supposed to and don't be a dick to other people"

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reminder that my commission queue is basically empty, and i have bills and rent to pay next month

i'm offering discounts on commissions rn if anyone is interested!!

please DM me to commission, my turn-around is less than 1 week currently!!

if you can't commission, tips are also greatly appreciated!!

you can tip me via:


CashApp: $MuttMusk

if you tip $5 or more, hmu and i'll do a doodle for you

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i have absolutely no problem with ttrpgers who only play d&d like it is inarguably the most accessible ttrpg simply due to its popularity. and its got acceptable gameplay that's like. alright for beginners. howmstever that acceptance evaporates as soon as you indicate you have any respect whatsoever for wizards of th coast or the sanctity of their game

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Occasional request to spell out your content warnings in full. I don't always need them, but when I'm out of spoons, figuring out what 'ment', 'mh', 'ukpol' etc. takes up energy.

it sounds like a tongue twister but it's actually a perplexity: why would women wash in a woodshed?

What about toucans anyway. What the fuck is those guys' whole deal

this passage being like "well yes, this verse is grammatically masculine, but it applies to women too!" is Interesting to me both because it foreshadows and encapsulates so much of the sturm und drang about gender and language and marked/unmarked categories that's going to unfold in the ~1,500 years after this gets codified and also because i'm writing a siddur that explicitly changes this very very to be neither masculine nor feminine and they could have too

historical sexism (Talmud) 

oh we're just, we're just going to keep randomly denigrating women as so subhuman that they would defile a məzuzah, huh? we're not questioning that? we're leaning into it? fuck these old dead bigots

ok but i actually think the idea of using a məzuzah for witchcraft or espionage is kinda cute and fun, in a subversive sort of way

me, reading about the big bang: ah, fuck, my body wouldn't be able to survive that

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forbidden snacks, dangerous 

Why The Fuck Do I Want To Eat These Things, a list:
- asbestos (imagine the cronch)
- yellowcake (it's such a nice colour)
- mercury (liquid metal, can u imagine)
- water glowing with cherenkov radiation (slorp)
- dust on the surface of mars (mmmmmmm oxidation)
- electricity (idk how that would work but I'd love to eat it)

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