it's been a long time coming, but it's finally here! i'm in Opera Canada talking about why #AsOne — probably the most-performed contemporary opera in North America in the last half decade — is not the high water mark for trans representation it's sometimes made out to be:

when you're praying, but you're just kind of running thru the words without any mental focus, is that:


if you didn't clean your house when you meant to, it's ok! you can always clean it later. in the long run, the cleaning is more important than the timing

food in improbable places (Talmud) 

food mention, animal death (Talmud) 

"a mouse does not typically generate crumbs" citation fucking needed there, buddy

the rabbis are now positing Indiana Jones–level mouse capers with swapping out specific crumbs of leaven for specific other crumbs and i'm worried about what kind of mouse infestations they were living with back then

for all that it creates halakhic complications, i do think there's something poignant about the idea of a field with a grave whose precise location can no longer be remembered. with time, our personal tragedies will fade, become a general ache instead of a pointed sting. the things that grieve us may even turn somehow into soil, into rich earth for crops to grow in, to the point that when, in later times, the whole field is redug anew, no grave is found at all. healing is mysterious and quiet; its edges are not always clearly defined

oh my g-d the resolution to this two paths question (if each person comes to ask separately, they're both pure; if both come together, they're both *impure*) is some quantum double-slit-experiment nonsense and i love it

two paths diverged in an old mishna, and i—
i took the one less traveled by
which was possibly ritually impure?
but it's also possible it was the *other* road that was ritually impure. so anyway, after that, i handled some Ritually Pure Objects, and now my question is...

entering a locker room damn this whole place reeks of gender

Genitals, poll, boosts+ 

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 

NLpol, money+, transness~ 

thinking about what I thought of 2020 at the beginning of the year vs how I think of it now near the end of the year and screaming internally

thinking about this scene (its actually funnier in the dub lmao)

i've been putting the dust jackets of Alter's Bible translation on my wall (like i do), and under the last one, i put the jacket for the Chicago Manual of Style, which makes it look like a secret fourth part of Tanakh: the Torah, the Prophets, the Writings, and . . . the Editings

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