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PSA: and a few other sites related to fediverse are now shadowbanned by Twitter.

This means only sender is able to see tweet, for others it's added to counter, but nowhere to be seen when you open replies. The post is simply not visible for others.

Booty shorts that say "sealed for your protection" on the ass

the fact that census workers in nyc get paid 28 dollars an hour is a good sign that that’s what the minimum wage should be (at least in big cities)

The craving of normalcy is understandable. But it is also misguided. The future is never the same as the past. Normalcy lead us here.
Start building fantasies that don't look like the daily grind you've had to stop.

With all these mitzvot about making sure poor people have access to food you'd think food pantries and soup kitchens would real popular in synagogues but they're not.

sorry kiddo, you don't have a college fund because we spent all of that money on the massive honking searchlight we light every shabbos, as it is said that those who excel in lighting shabbos lights will produce great scholars

me: *has to light Ḥanukah lights for a bunch of people but doesn't have a bunch of menorot*
me: *puts a bunch of oil in a bowl, sticks in one wick per person, lights all of them, and calls it good*
Rava: you can't do that!!! that is clearly a bonfire, not a menorah
me: *overturns a second bowl and puts it on top of the first bowl*
Rava: oh, yeah, that's fine, carry on

there are a lot of jokes about Judaism and finding loopholes in the rules, but the Sages are *very* adamant in about closing as many loopholes as they can in the commandment to leave part of your harvest for the poor. you have to do it, for real, and you can't cheat your way out of it

do you assume the best or the worst of your neighbors? what precautions should you take lest your neighbors assume the worst of you?

the Ḥanukah blessing: *says that G-d commanded us to light Ḥanukah lights*
the Gemara: um, source???????

i deeply love referring to the sheheḥeyanu as "the blessing of time"

(to be clear, this probably would work, it just . . . would not work in a modern fountain pen)

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not to be like "i'm low-key obsessed with fountain pens" but the thought of burning olive oil, then mixing the smoke with more olive oil and some tree sap and using the result for ink is making me feel . . . some kind of way

been using jitsi instead of zoom for calls due to zoom being literal malware and it's been super good actually!

the only thing I miss is doing screen sharing from iOS devices but other than that it's been a much better experience in general.

bonus challenge left as an exercise for the reader: is this proof generalizable? that is, can it be used to prove that other square roots are irrational? or is 2 special? if it can be used for other numbers, can it be used for *all* other numbers, or just some of them?

here's a hint to get you started: you may be tempted to try it with √3 and √5 first, and with √4 and √9 to see what happens. what happens if you try it with √24?

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this means that b has to be even, but we just established that *a* has to be even. and if both a and b are even, that means they're both divisible by 2, which *directly contradicts* our original assumption that a and b didn't share any common factors.

thus, our initial assumption that √2 is a rational number has led to a logical impossibility, from which we must conclude that √2 is *not* rational, but is irrational instead and can never be represented fully by a fraction


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