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the year is 2118. adobe flash is still alive, being kept afloat solely by furries making sex animations

What the fuck. Three fucking decades. I'm vexed.

oh hey i got my flu shot today, quick reminder to everyone else to get the flu shot. it's that time of year again! 💉 💪

last thing for today

the design doesn't work without colour so i coloured the whole thing, but still tried not to spend too much time. so it's still wonky as hell

maybe i'll redo it at some point, idk

An instance where all follows are mutual and require the exchange of a physical token to complete. Unfollowing requires a hammer.

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Take: the dominance that professionally recorded music has gained in the last 100 years has lead to a major winnowing of folk music (i.e. music intended to be performed by anyone, as part of daily life), and that's a significant cultural and social loss.

this also led to the great moment where everyone else was giving v general answers like "a fish" and then i was like "here is the specific species of bird i am would you like slides" and there was a very clear moment of everyone being like "wow, you've thought about this a *lot*" and yes hello i sure have

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Is there a way to give an html embed tag default text that displays when the browser can't render what's inside it?
E.g. so this pdf I'm embedding on a site for some reason can say something other than the long filename when the embed doesn't load on phones

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Warning; I'm awake I'm alive I'm gay my tiny ass cannot be STOPPED

media depicting catgirls as servants is funny to me because haha no, you think a fucking cat is going to do your chores for you? good luck with that one mate
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