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Sorry for being so inactive (disability woooo)! Also sorry to do this again but I'm moving to an intance that I think will suit me even more, I'm now @gigavinyl! :crt_w_prompt: :black_sparkles: :pentacle:

Model M keyboards are the femme nerd equivalent of clacky heels and I love it

is he, yknow *mimes pissing in a public bathroom without being worried* cis?

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I just figured out finally that I’m on the autism spectrum it feels good to finally figure that out it feels very comforting and explains so so much ahhh :black_sparkles: :blobcatheart:

Wtf is wrong with the cishet boys at my college and why can’t they pee without making a mess?

Ever just uhhh what emotion am I even feeling uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... :black_sparkles:

i remember two years ago when we finally got internet capable of downloading at one megabyte per second and i was blown away by the fact that i could actually watch 1080p youtube on a home internet connection without buffering

i could previously only do that with the school internet or with the wifi at my dad's work

whenever i see someone ask a question about computers that i feel is obvious, rather than saying READ THE MANUAL DO IT YOURSELF or HOW COULD YOU BE THIS UNINTELLIGENT i just explain how to do the thing, thus giving people a good experience with the community instead of making people associate linux users with smug, condescending, self-righteous asses

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@lynnesbian this can't happen soon enough

i only feel sorry for the sun, you know due to all the mansplaining about how she should shine

we'll probably get a solar flare as payback for the torture

@lynnesbian the sun is too good for them

fire them into a distant black hole

me in junior high: who would drink just plain water? i gotta have soda or tea or something!
me in college: hhhh WODER

This got popular so i want to say thank u to the FOSS Wizard from my past. I am happy that Newcastle has such a weird tech scene.

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The year is 2008. I am 14 years old. Some greasy nerd on the side of the road asks if I like computers. I say yes, naturally. He hands me a Software Freedom Day CD and asks if I know about Linux. I don't. He takes me into a random room filled with more greasy nerds and shows me a desktop spinning like a cube. I take a copy of Ubuntu 8.04 and head home.

And that's how I got here.

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