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Projects I'm working on:
A media server written in that supports the API
Extending -id3 to handle multi-value frames
A low-resource server-server implementation (planning stages)
Building my own cyberdeck
Writing music with
Other music

Fuck Emily Maitlis for only now acknowledging the inequality that the working class experience. Where was her empathy when she was part of the BBC machinery undermining Corbyn for pushing the *exact same* message?

Fuck the Tory voters clapping the NHS as if thoughts and prayers are going to buy more ventilators and protection for frontline workers risking their health every day.

I'm glad they're coming around but it shouldn't take a global crisis to suddenly instill basic empathy.

Today's "fuck you" goes to Amazon for only offering SMS as a backup method for 2FA.

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fedi, race 

There's so much wild garlic near where I live! Going to forage some when I go on my next exercise walk.

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So did 17.1 actually get released, or was that an April Fool's joke?

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furlough minimum wage uk question 

Doing any kind of non-native application development in macOS is an exercise in frustration.

Don't @ me.

Found an old Diablo III install disk in a drawer. Will it install under WINE?

Will it fuck.

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Portugal just legalized all registered migrants, and gave them all rights (social security, working, renting, bank accounts) - while Germany is still deporting people...

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Linking from a thread of mine on birbsite. Looking for people in Cambridge area who can advise.

Two new NIN albums have been out for two days and nobody told me?!

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In the Coronavirus crisis, privacy will be compromised—but our right to know must not be.

The UK Government urgently needs to open up on its plans to maintain public confidence. #coronacrisis

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Bristol GAF and Earth Strike take on the fossil fuel industry in Bristol! The police sent 60 officers, mounted police and a drone. They're protecting the pipelines while we're dealing with the #ClimateCriminals


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Crowdfunding for PhD admin fees 

I will probably be posting a lot about the Six Nations today, so feel free to mute me if that's not your thing.

Go Wales! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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