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I will tag political posts with though, so it will be possible for those who don't want to see them to filter them out.

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I've decided I'm not going to CW political posts anymore. If anyone who follows me isn't happy with that I completely understand if you want to unfollow and mute/block me.

I've looked at the arguments for and against CW-ing politics and ultimately I don't want to contribute to a culture of toning down political discourse.

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I've recently registered on, so here's my intro and interests.

I'm a software engineer, and also a hobbyist musician. I have a soft spot for CLIs and wish I could get rid of my mouse entirely.


When I mock objects for tests, the process involves repeatedly failing to do it right until I blindly end up mocking the correct thing by sheer persistence.

Hot take: just disable TCP SACK. Seriously.

I'm on a serious nostalgic music kick.

Current mood: Disintegration by The Cure

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@guerrillarain If you go into Settings -> Notifications if you're on Mastodon, you can:

Block notifications from non-followers

Block notifications from people you don't follow

Block direct messages from people you don't follow

I've been listening to Eluvium's "Copia" album and it's definitely helping.

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using tcpdump on a server I have access to), so it must be from an intermediate hop. What concerns me most is that this behaviour is still triggered even when making a request that should return a 404 error. When I use the router supplied by the ISP, this problem disappears. I've run packet fragmentation tests using both routers and I've confirmed that both are using the same MTU size. - 2/2

I've spent the last week trying to diagnose a network connectivity issue with a new ISP. When we use our own router, we get strange network drops on some very particular HTTP requests: namely any requests ending in ".css" or ".gz". This doesn't happen over HTTPS. When I run tcpdump on the machine making the request I can see that the TCP packet for that HTTP request is immediately replied to with an ACK, RST TCP packet. I've confirmed that the reset isn't sent from the server (also - 1/2

@Barmaid I'm not sure if this has been reported to you already, but the "DisneyDream" account on is sending spam.

I woke up at 4:00 in the morning to fix a server outage and now I can't get back to sleep.

Love trying to fix buildout issues on a Friday afternoon :blobsad:

Oh wow, I wasn't prepared for the nostalgia hit I just got listening to VAST.

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As seen in my mentions, somewhat out of context: «As an ex-colleague of mine once put it: "I gave up on Emacs when I had to complete a command with my nose".»
Thanks, @gwmngilfen!

I passed my probation period at my new job. Woo!

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This is excellent! Gloves that translate sign language into sound to facilitate communication with people who don't know sign language - let's have more of that, please?

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For anyone still confused:

Please remember that actual freedom of speech does not mean you have a right to a platform and listeners. Your freedom is unaffected by being muted, blocked, or banned. You’re still free to stand on whatever street corner you choose and rant at whoever will listen.

But when you’re in someone else’s house, you play by their rules. You’re there because they allow you to be, and that privilege can and will be revoked if they decide they don’t want you there.

Haha, it took me far longer than it should have to figure out why my URL matching method was unexpectedly failing for some inputs.

The URL scheme was different 🤦

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After not having done anything in Rust for about 6 months I opened up one of my Rust projects... and just stared at it blankly, trying to remember what the hell I was doing with it.

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