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I've recently registered on, so here's my intro and interests.

I'm a software engineer, and also a hobbyist musician. I have a soft spot for CLIs and wish I could get rid of my mouse entirely.


On the plus side though I learned more about selective network routing using control groups.

I haven't left the house in two days so I think I might be getting a little insular again.

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“Où l’on ouvre une école, on ferme une prison!” – Hippolyte Laroche

(Where we open a school, we close a prison.)

This evening's film is going to be The Lawnmower Man.

Like a Prayer is the greatest song ever written. Prove me wrong.

"apparently you should pour some sugar on me"

I should narrate all cock rock songs this way

Apparently your lips are venomous poison running through my veins

Reminds me of a conversation where the group I was in was discussing if we'd ever get embeddable tech implanted, and I blurted out "I'D TOTALLY GET IMPLANTS".

Cue much sniggering.

I totally would though.

Current mood: listening to Vogel and working on a software project, wishing I had a direct brain-to-computer interface because my fingers are a very inefficient input mechanism.

The Assassin's Creed film is terrible but I also can't stop watching it.

I love that feeling where you've showered and you're all clean, and then you put sun lotion on which effectively feels like PUTTING GREASE BACK ON YOUR SKIN

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@gid The US EPA, under the current admin, had apparently moved to allow asbestos to be used in home construction. I'm sure they would've sprinkled it into quinoa, gatorade, and wheat fields.

Asbestos: it's what plants crave.

(promoted by Capitalism)

Today's plan: go to an art exhibition called "Witch; Unburied, Unburnt, Unbound", then sit in the sun until my pasty face gets burned.

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Throwback to the time I painted a wall THE WRONG COLOUR because of my colourblindness.

Ugh I'm getting confused between different web frameworks that I've been working with.

is nice, but I think I still prefer .

Why doesn't 's REST API documentation detail response data for POST requests? Am I just looking in the wrong place? I can't find it anywhere.

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hey fediverse, I need some .

I'm running a small linux server with , , dbl. SA is learning daily from junk mailboxes.

but still a lot of spam is coming through and friends on my box are getting increasingly frustrated.

what are your sure-shot spam-fighting techniques? please help with advice!

(pliz boost)

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