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I've recently registered on, so here's my intro and interests.

I'm a software engineer, and also a hobbyist musician. I have a soft spot for CLIs and wish I could get rid of my mouse entirely.


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I'm going to keep saying it until you hear me. It's so much easier to not being a bigoted dickhead.

It's just better for you to not carry around that hate all the time.

If I've learned anything from House of Cards, it's that engineering a state of emergency in order to secure funding will have absolutely no undesirable consequences at all.

Full stack? More like full WHACK, amirite?

I'll get my coat.

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The vast majority of computation on the planet is fuzzing the human brain for exploits to turn us all into addicted obsessive categorized click machines so we can be sold to the market for the benefit of 10 people.

Don’t fuckin tell me exploiting computers is bad.

Had my first decent night's sleep in over a week, thanks to 10mg CBD.

Flashback to the time my mum gave me an antihistamine that turned out to be 18 years out of date.

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My number one priority task for today was to write a requirements document.

Guess what I've been putting off...

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I really wish I could rip out systemd from this managed VM and use something like openrc or runit.

I don't have the time or the inclination to investigate why a particular service's RuntimeDirectory isn't being created with the permissions specified in the service file.

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@gid something to do with #ternary computers? 😃 I'm less familiar with the soviet space program, but I've heard of #Strela and #Setun!

Also this popped up a while back and introduced me to the concept 😊

I find myself thinking a lot about what would have happened if the Soviet space programme hadn't decided to clone American computer technology and had instead stuck to their own.

TIL that somebody has already registered for the "free" WiFi in Milan Linate airport with the email address ""

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git commit --amend -C HEAD -a

This adds the current unstaged files to the last commit you made.

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I think I might have to give up on Alienator. It's way beyond terribad.

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Fediverse, I need your help. Do you know any person of color who wrote on race and racism with a materialist perspective?
Boost appreciated.

I still think Deliverance is one of their best albums

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