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Projects I'm working on:
A media server written in that supports the API
Extending -id3 to handle multi-value frames
A low-resource server-server implementation (planning stages)
Building my own cyberdeck
Writing music with
Other music

I keep reminding myself that when people say "Apple products just work!", "just" should be understood as "barely", like in the phrase "just in time".

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This person's Emacs configuration file is written in org-mode and is self-documenting. Learning a *ton* from it:

I still think this is one of the best death metal albums ever recorded.

Entombed - Left Hand Path

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Stallman and pronouns 

Remember: stands for Never The Same Colour

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For those of you you who are worried about India blocking

You can always download the #TOR browser on for better privacy. This also allows you to browse .onion addresses

For that reason we also have a TOR .onion address on 😄 There's only a catch, you MUST use HTTP instead of HTTPS. Be sure to replace this manually in the address bar


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in europe we say "hello pal"
in america they say "hello ntsc"

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CrimethInc.: **Hacking Back: "How to Rob a Bank" : Expropriate, Redistribute, and Leak—Dispatches from the Digital Trenches**

"In the latest episode in the HackBack saga, the hacker formerly known as Phineas Fisher explains how & why she hacked a bank and gave away the money."

#anarchism #bot

Food, alcohol 

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Is there anything #FOSS that's like Ableton Live? I want to point my students at something that doesn't cost money that they can use on their own computers.

#AbletonLive #Performance

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As @aeonofdiscord pointed out, this is just Communism. I clearly haven't woken up properly yet.

What if a Government was like a cooperative? Citizens are equal stakeholders, all resources are shared ownership.

I know shockingly little about political theory and I have no idea if there's already history behind this or what it would take to make it work. Could it work?

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Req for role models 

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A few months ago there was a video going around that was interviews with folks working at Bell on Unix, I specifically remember a woman talking about compatibility on the terminal. Any ideas what it was?

Android not respecting DNS TTL is annoying as fuck.

Hehe, I realized that I'd garbled a config file on a new home server I've been setting up and accidentally set its static IP address to That broke my home LAN for a while.

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