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Projects I'm working on:
A media server written in that supports the API
Extending -id3 to handle multi-value frames
A low-resource server-server implementation (planning stages)
Building my own cyberdeck
Writing music with
Other music

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I told an old friend of mine this today and I think it's worth repeating here: In mutual aid, never assume you know what people need. Always ask.

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"The end goal of non-binary liberation is not being understood by medical gatekeepers but having no medical gatekeepers, not by having X on our passports but having no passports and no borders, not by outlawing job discrimination but removing the need to work in order to survive and have a fulfilling life, absolutely not by considering non-binary prisons but by abolishing police, prisons, and all forms of carceral and punitive “justice”."

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"Democracy" should not be regarded as the sacrosanct ideal that it is. Furthermore, "democracy" is not liberation.

duckduckgo how to not feel tired all the time


I think I'm going to save that thread about Cloudflare and repost it every time they do something to break the web

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@gid > untested changes

It’s called « twitter driven change management », or twitops, it’s when you check twitter to see if your recent change broke or not.

Cloudflare's captcha provider is hCaptcha, which runs cryptocurrency miners on its captcha pages and markets itself as paying back dividends from the cryptocurrency mining to its clients.

Cloudflare forces users connecting via TOR through this captcha process, literally making money while disadvantaging people using TOR because of authoritarian censorship in their country.

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Conversely, Cloudflare dropped its services to (a microblogging site on the fediverse for sex workers) without warning when the FOSTA bill was passed. Cloudflare could have worked with its customer to gracefully remove its service while switter sought alternatives but instead they left them high and dry.

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Neo-Nazi mention 

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Cloudflare HTTPS termination is effectively a man-in-the-middle attack. Do you trust Cloudflare with your clients' unencrypted traffic? Should you? Do you have a contract with them that enforces protections?

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Stop using Cloudflare. Please.

Reasons to stop using Cloudflare, probably A Thread:

They are a central point of failure with a bad record of production failures caused by untested changes. The fact that mistakes happen isn't the problem, but that the same kinds of mistakes keep happening suggests a problem with the company's culture. Are engineers being pushed to make risky changes? Does management prioritize quality?

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You are delightful.
You are important.
You are valuable.
You are meaningful.
You do not need to justify yourself.

Just a reminder 💚

I think I might finally need glasses.

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This is the Setun computer

It was developed in 1958 at Moscow State University

It used ternary logic with a balanced ternary numeral system (which is to say, -1, 0, 1)

basically: NON BINARY COMPUTER FOR NONBINARY DAY! :flag_nonbinary:

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I overslept, my body feels heavy and my head feels cloudy.

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If anyone is interested in Welsh medium pop music, i started a Spotify playlist for every song I’ve ever heard on Radio Cymru. It’s a bit bare atm, but I intend to update whenever I have the radio on in the background.

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