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popping in to let you know I'm releasing a game with three other people tomorrow:

The Silence Under Your Bed

Scully completely wrecks a birthday clown with a single stare. Mulder urgently seeks THE TRUTH, which is Out There.

I have another EP hopefully coming out for Halloween too. Trying to release music more consistently alongside my games projects.

This is so hard. We aren't home, we can't go home, we may not have a home to go back to.

Grendel (our cat) is going to be safe and is with family that takes evacuation seriously.

But we're losing so much art, 10 years worth of work collecting and working to build up my instruments and effects pedals, the ones I need to work. We have so many comics we've collected. Things that can't be replaced. A lot of things can be replaced, but we aren't there to get the things that may just cease to exist.

Scully worries about crypto-creatures. Mulder accuses a street magician of being an alien.

i really appreciate how donut county uses "capitalist" as an insult

I'm getting gel nail polish and a uv light in a cheapo kit so maybe i can paint my nails without immediately running them by playing guitar :blobaww:

Check out this piece I wrote for about the upcoming Killer Queen Switch release, a game with an already dedicated arcade fanbase and an exciting future

Killer Queen’s arcade scene could see major boon from Nintendo Switch release https://t…

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