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Good morning. Woke up tired, in the middle of a lot of vivid dreams. But the dreams weren’t unpleasant and coffee will help the tiredness. And there are bluebells in the garden now:

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Heading out to the supermarket. Masks still make me claustrophobic - or rather, the impeded breathing does - but it should encourage people to keep their distance while I’m shopping.

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Just got this through the post - complete with printed signature - and to be honest I’m still giggling at it. Something about the tone, and the headed paper.

Good morning. Today is mild and gray in classic English fashion, and a camellia buf is opening.

Took a longer walk than usual this evening and made it down to the river. Low tide, and everything was very still in the evening light.

A good afternoon to sit in the garden and watch the small birds peering at me suspiciously from the tree.

Good morning. Another soft gray day. I got up a bit earlier, so I have a few minutes to drink my coffee and take in the day before I log on to work. Here’s a miniature iris from the back window box.

Good morning. Dull and gray today, but there are flowers in the garden.

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Simmering tinned beans and browning Toulouse sausages for a speeded and simplified cassoulet. Getting lovely waft of thyme from the bouquet garni mingling with the garlic.

Good morning. Sunny again and the cherry blossom in the garden is fully open, if a not as impressive as the stuff on the streets. Saw a great tit inspecting various bits of guttering for possible nesting sites but they seem to have decided against it, luckily. Don’t want them washed out when it eventually rains.

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Selfie for - I had a bunch of things I wanted to say about visibility but I need my writing energy for other stuff today. Short version is that it matters, and I’m sure you know that already.

trans medical 

GP office: Yes, your blood test came back as normal. Everything’s fine.

Me, trying to figure out if they’re calibrating against my old registered gender or my new one:

Good morning. It’s yet another beautiful clear day and a bird is singing in the garden.

Spring blossom is getting a bit familiar, so have some dramatic tree branches from just down the road instead.

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Heading out for my daily walk in a minute. With luck, the dog walkers will be heading back now.

Good morning. It’s bright and clear and cold here once again, and the apple blossom is starting to think about opening.

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