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food, cooking 

Finished pies. As you can see, I had a bit of an overfilling problem - or more accurately, I think I made the filling too stiff and inclined to bubble over. Bilberries have a lot of juice and I was trying to compensate with cornflour. Pastry was surprisingly good, though.

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Today’s soundtrack is rain and sleepy birds. (Not visible: gently drifting steam from next door’s central boiler vent.)

Moon over Tesco and some fences against the sunset, from tonight’s walk.

selfie, eye contact 

Heading out for a walk around sunset.

Alternate view of Mastodon’s favourite London location.

Good morning. It’s a sunny day, the robin is carrying tufts of dry grass, and I’m drinking coffee from a hattifattener mug.

Two more photos of the robin, which paused to have a look at me while I was making coffee.


Basmati rice with peas, onion, and cumin. I like the delicate colours.

...and the robin stopped by to take a look while I was photographing so I actually had a camera ready for once.

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A couple of windy days have left the garden strewn with tiny white petals from the cherry tree.

selfie, eye contact 

Lovely sunny day for a couple of outdoor selfies.

food, lunch 

Avocado toast and fried eggs, with chilli sauce left over from Friday night’s takeaway. Cheerful colours for a sunny day.

covid adjacent 

Meanwhile, there seems to have been an effort to make the signage less dystopian.

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Good morning. No work for me today - college is closed for Easter - so I get to stay in bed longer. Here’s one more garden pic now I’m up, though.

And a snippet of the evening chorus from the wooded part of Wandsworth Common.

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