Please stop organising queer and radical events on Facebook.

This isn’t so much infosec - the pigs will not, in fact, be surveilling your Paris is Burning screening and potluck - as that Facebook is just generally horrible to use and you shouldn’t be forcing people to create an account.

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@ghost_bird I am waiting with bated breath for the damn thing to die already. Way too many people communicate through it, and it's bloody awful.

@werekat Special mention to the trans support group I looked up a couple of years ago who only organised through Facebook and apparently hadn’t thought the real names policy might be a problem?

@ghost_bird Jeez. That's a separate level of awful.

It comes to mind how FB was incredibly useful during the Ukrainian revolution 6 years ago - but that was only because the thing was so massive that its algorithms really did bring in the latest news from the field immediately and enforcers were pretty much computer-illiterate. But this was slightly before the real fuckery began, afaik. Now it is not a good resource for community organizing.

@ghost_bird heck, this. i've been increasingly annoyed at this since i deleted my account around 6 years ago. despite multiple existing alternatives in my area, there is an increasing number of events only posted on facebook, with no alternative means of spreading the word, and it sucks.

@ghost_bird I'm co-organizing a recurring queer event in berlin and for me, it's the other way around: I have created a mailinglist so that announcements over that list can be subscribed to but hardly anyone is joining that list. they expect me to notify them on facebook by creating facebook events.

I hate this so much.

@distel Yeah, I guess it’s a systematic problem. But still.

@distel @ghost_bird is this event on stressfaktor? If not I would recomment using stressfaktor as well. :)

@ghost_bird This is a big problem in Iceland, where pretty much everything is on FB, and everyone is expected to have an account if they want to know about it. (Perhaps it's come to that elsewhere too while I've been away.)

@ghost_bird Even the Pirate Party has their main presence and chat (!) on FB


@ghost_bird Anyone have any ideas for alternatives? I've used and am waiting for @mobilizon, but I think it'll be hard to get people to move. Thinking of researching good ol' CalDAV things soon...

@ahstro I don’t, I’m afraid. How about one of the million event planner apps that seem to exist? Or do they charge a lot?

@ghost_bird I haven't really looked, because most I've seen are proprietary and seem sketchy. I rrally hope Mobilizon will be good when it's out; it federates and I can self host it, so if that's done well, I see a lot of potential 😅

@ahstro That would be cool, but I’m basically fine with proprietary options too. Easy to use, no “real names” policy, and doesn’t need a phone number are the crucial things for me.

@ghost_bird @ahstro I remember looking at Mobilizon and thinking it looked pretty cool. Seems there hasn't been much communication from them lately though. 😕

@teslas_moustache @ghost_bird Nah, not a lot of communication and not a huge amount of acticity in the source code (that I could see, someone might be working offline). I'll keep waiting tho 😅

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