I enjoyed Liz Gloyn’s book on Classical monsters. It’s a bit of a grab-bag but all the parts are interesting, and there is (just) enough of an argument to hold them together. She also makes me think I need to read more Harraway - the Cyborg Manifesto is as much as I’ve managed at this point.

“In one Greek papyrus fragment, an illustrator has added pictures alongside an otherwise straightforward tale Hercules is telling of his adventures. In contrast to the heroic deeds that Hercules recounts, the illustrator playfully tells a different story - instead of wrestling the Nemean lion, Hercules grapples what is obviously a statue on a plinth; rather than stalking the Stymphalian birds, Hercules seems to be surprised by a flock while fishing.”
- Liz Gloyn

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@eldang Me too. It seems very 1930s to me, for some reason.

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