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trans medical 

“I often joke that there are two types of trans people: the kind who are anarchists, and the kind who haven’t tried to come out to their doctor.”

trans medical, biohacking 

Though my general problem with biohacking isn’t hipsters with implanted RFID chips - it’s that the ratio of inspiring manifestos to actual useful results still stands at infinity percent.

trans medical, biohacking 

@porsupah Credit to them for acknowledging the difficulties, at least.

trans medical, biohacking 

@ghost_bird If anyone's actually going to make biohacking widespread, of the current few aspirants, they seem the most promising.

What oh what will the old school of the GICs do if we can just source our own E2, finasteride, and bioidentical progesterone..

("Yes, this tub's becoming a stout, this one's an IPA, and this one'll be estradiol")

trans medical, biohacking 

@porsupah We can dream, at least. I’m cheering the biohackers on - I could just do with fewer manifestos.

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