So it looks like a surprising number of otherwise-sensible instances didn’t drop along with the rest of gab? That’s a bad idea and needs fixing - there’s no such thing as an instance that just happens to use gab software, even if they weren’t bigots.

(If you want to check an instance’s local community then has a preview tool. Scroll right down to the bottom of the page.)

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(In fairness, spinster came along after the main influx and doesn’t have gab in its domain name, so it’s easy to miss.)

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@ghost_bird Fixing that ASAP, I just hadn't heard about them before your posts today.

@patience I’ve seen a few people mention follows from TERFs or ask what “gender critical” means, but I didn’t note specific instances.

@patience And I don’t want to start a bunch of call-outs at this point. seems to be OK, anyway.

@ghost_bird i have a toothbrush here and on, and as far as i can see, neither lets spinster thru

@ghost_bird We had quite the conversation about and in the end decided to drop it.

The crux of my feeling on it is:
Until some functionality in Gab substantially supercedes Mastodon there is zero reason to use Gab and anyone using it is consciously making a decision to align with the Gab community.

There are enough of them that say the "right" things but purposely surf right on that line and do so on purpose that I have zero interest in allowing for that possibility.

@ghost_bird Having said that there's ALSO no reason not to commit some sort of feature enhancement developed by Gab back to the Mastodon project so... again, if something in Gab is better, make Mastodon better, then there's no reason to align with Gab.

So yes, in complete agreement with you.

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