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a random thought about organising 

Unstructured organising favours existing informal hierarchies and is vulnerable to people fighting over social capital.

Consensus organising is vulnerable to people who realise they can wield power with blocking tactics - refusing consensus unless it’s on their terms.

Formal structure is vulnerable to capture by people who make a hobby of formal structure, and to people who use rules to excuse their bad behaviour.

a random thought about organising 

My point, I guess, is partly the uncontroversial observation that organising needs continuous work to keep things on track, but also that you have to beware the sunk cost fallacy and be ready to move on when the work of organising becomes too much.

a random thought about organising 

@ghost_bird I've found consensus minus 1 is sometimes a really effective way of avoiding that blocking.

… though only if people don't use it brutally, in which case it would be a formal structure vulnerable to exactly what you said. N-1 can be a good way for people to recuse themselves or save face though


a random thought about organising 

@nach Someone else suggested that too . I'd not heard of it before but I can see how just having it there would help keep things moving.

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a random thought about organising 

@nach (What I've seen of consensus was mostly Occupy LSX, which was big on optimism but short on facilitators and practical experience.)

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