"One unusual feature of the [IBM] Model 44's console was a rotary knob to select floating point precision; reducing the precision increased speed."

@ghost_bird the best quote from that article is "this is actually how it's implemented in Javascript to this day."

@carbontwelve There's a reason I still read JWZ's blog after all these years.


I like knobs and big buttons, more computers should come with knobs and big buttons. I like how the 80s computers had those big toggle switches in the back, it was satisfying to move that toggle and hear the computer roar to life.

@Tau_Leonis I didn’t really start with IT until the early 90s, but I agree anyway. And I recommend the article linked from that blog post if you want more.

@ghost_bird Kind of like boeing selling 'optional safety features'.
Come again? You what??
No, it's true.

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