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British Library talk was good, but the best stuff was Keith Jarrett reading his poetry so there’s not that much to report. I like the idea of libraries as queer atemporal spaces though - interjecting other times and other narratives into the orderly progression of “normal life”.

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Good: Talk on libraries as queer spaces at the British Library.

Bad: bag search insisted on taking my nail scissors. I’m hoping there’ll still be someone around to get them back from when we’re done.

foss will not keep your works out of fascist hands! only unions can do that.

If I have a serious argument against "but, deradicalisation!" it's that changing your mind takes listening and reflection, and an adversarial environment dominated by "debate" has no space for either.

Muting all the centrists and fash because I believe in freedom of association but still want them to be deradicalised by my Good Content.

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Spotted this uncomfortable bit of colonial history on the shelves at work today.

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I was just looking at the pictures from my home town's first ever Pride event that took place today.

When I was growing up there, it was always Manchester. Manchester was where you want for anything LGBT, it wasn't even dreamed of that there'd be anything queer in our town.

I'm a little tearful seeing all the flags up and rainbows in the streets where I grew up, especially knowing that the organisers had to fight against local religious interests (including the MP) to get it organised.

(It’s very readable but long sentences make it hard to quote at Mastodon length, sadly. Time for the pleroma enthusiasts to step up?)

Old news, but Feminist Theory From Margin to Centre is really good - I wish I’d got round to reading it sooner.

this “z-axis conductive tape” is absolute witchcraft and I want a roll of the stuff adafruit.com/product/1656

it’s double-sided tape which is conductive only from one side to the other, conductivity is not present along the length or width of the tape!

Say what you like about the character design in Nier Automata - and in my opinion a lot of what was said was in bad faith - but the writing at least aspired to the level of a youngish grown-up.

"is the battle for lgbtq rights over?!" not until we bury the whole damn kyriarchy, comrade

(I think it may once have been a dance hall. 30s, but not structured quite like a cinema and there was a nice wooden floor on the ground floor when it was a buffet restaurant.)

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