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every time you call workers "heroes" without giving them a fair wage, an anarchist gets their wings

Okay... migration to @ghost_bird underway. Same name and avatar, so it shouldn’t be too confusing.

Might be time to shift over to my new personal instance, tbh. I’m just irrationally wary of the follower-migration process, not having tried it before.

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an eternal question, meta 

Which users’ follows/followers are responsible for the loli and not-quite-openly-Nazi posting that keeps popping up on my federated timeline?

food, cooking 

Finished pies. As you can see, I had a bit of an overfilling problem - or more accurately, I think I made the filling too stiff and inclined to bubble over. Bilberries have a lot of juice and I was trying to compensate with cornflour. Pastry was surprisingly good, though.

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Think my boss' useless boss is going to ask me if we can run it in house. To which the answer is probably yes, providing he and his equally useless mates abandon their current strategy of ignoring literally everything I say.

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In further work news, I'm amused to discover that "Jaina-Prosopography: Monastic Lineages, Networks and Patronage" - a database project for sociobibliography - has apparently been the subject of a dispute with the University of Sheffield bitter enough to require mediation.

Siri, I appreciate your efforts, but the title of the Patti Smith song I requested is neither “Kiss Factory” nor “History”.

food, cooking 

Making little bilberry pies as part of a move to empty the freezer so I can defrost it.

I’m bad at pastry but this time I remembered the secret, which is to ignore literally everyone and just follow the instructions that came with my food processor.

So fucking tired of the belief that advertising is neutral and not a bunch of awful people making a conscious decision that they have a right to shit in your head.

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So fucking tired of reader/viewer apps that think they have a right to show you advertising instead of your actual library of stuff.

Today’s soundtrack is rain and sleepy birds. (Not visible: gently drifting steam from next door’s central boiler vent.)

Also a useful excuse to be emailing management as soon as I log on to work, which makes me look industrious and means I can go back to my trashy novel with the satisfaction of one who is doing her job.

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Log on to work to discover our timetable software vendor is apparently threatening legal action against our outsourced timetables-on-your-phone provider. From which we may deduce that they have their own product on the way and it’s probably expensive.

Good morning. Light but steady rain all day today, which is actually nice for a bit of variety.

Robins seem to have given up on their nest building. I still see them at the further end of the garden sometimes, so I think they’ve found a better site.

(P.S. This labrys destroys transphobia. And biphobia.)

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Taking time to reflect, on this Lesbian Day of Visibility, that I am in fact a gold star lesbian. Life’s a funny thing. :lesbian_flag:

ukpol trans petition 

The Tory government in the UK seems to be planning to fuck with trans youth. There's a petition:

CW your covid-related posts please and thank you

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