(Don’t know why that hit me so hard, but it did.)

“Oh my gentle darling, you are Jean d’Arq and you are France’s only boy and God made you a boy and God made a king for your best friend and God made you a cape of crimson velvet and a scabbard of strong leather and you will wear fire before you wear a dress again.”


Telling people "untag me please" when they're being too loud on the phone next to me

Life is too short for dickheads, whatever their intentions.

Profile: If you want to rescue your comfort zone, block this account!

Me: *blocks that account*

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Mind you, my favourite Heyer is The Grand Sophy and that features an appalling antisemitic stereotype as a minor villain. You take your chances with stuff from the 20s.

These Old Shades is definitely the nearest to openly queer of any Georgette Heyer novel I've read, but the central relationship has a big age gap and a creepy vibe. Hey ho :-/

Apple Arcade gives off an overwhelming "Kick The Junk Food Habit With These Tasty Vegan Bento" energy.

Meanwhile, tomorrow's TTRPG session is one player down so I need to pick and prep a one-off of some kind. I'm tempted to run Night Floors again but I'm trying to to stay off horror for a bit, and I have a nagging feeling one of the players has read or played it already.

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"She’s like Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way and Bella Swann’s cowritten fursona, and I hate that I’ve been on the internet long enough to write such a highly cursed sentence, but here we fucking are."

If there's an insight I've gained from the discussion over there, it's that the whole mess is another example of how structural oppression works. Who attracts what kinds of attention, and who's vulnerable?

Got sucked into talking about the helicopter story over in my SF fan community. They're polite and mostly well-meaning but, wow, talking about gender with cis people is tiring.

The "trans rights" sticker someone put in the ladies' lasted about a week, but the "anti-transphobic action" one I replaced it with is still up after several months. I'm not sure exactly what the lesson is here, but there's something.

“Women Unite!” (1972) 

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