Off to the BFi now, for a couple of LGBTQ+ film festival things. First, a panel show finding trans readings of old movies, then a short film programme. BFi Flare can be variable quality, but I'm hoping they used up all their bad karma on booking "Girl" this year.

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Here's a thing I was glad to sign.

I owe so much of what I know about trans people and trans experiences to my bi community, which is not only run by a great trans person but also has always included plenty of others and been explicitly inclusive, affirming, and a very good place for me to learn about, to fight for and to support trans issues.

*adds "tech literacy is more important than access" to mental list of hot takes that will get you muted*

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I don’t think transition as “building a bridge to the body” is a complete theory, but I like it as way to get past both transmedicalism and the question of gender stereotypes.

good twitter thread on bodies and trans identity by Show more

good twitter thread on bodies and trans identity by Show more

Getting the impression there’s a significant gap in approach and assumptions between English and French feminism, though I don’t have enough background (or language skills) to judge properly.

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Not sure what’s going on here but they’re communists so OK, I guess?

apparently, the raspberry pi (and probably the better clones) will fit perfectly in an empty box of progynova

Useful To Know

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I for one love petitions even though I think they're ineffective

I mean
there was a petition to rename Big Ben "Massive Mohammed" once

if that's not sending a message, I don't know what is

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I heard the distant sound of a samba band from the direction of the senior offices as I came back into the building.

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