@ArtistMarciaX @marxxndotphoenix Also not quite on point because Black people's anger as a response to racism and fictional portrayals of Black people's anger tend to be discussed separately, but this Audre Lorde presentation from 1981 on anger as a response to racism is worth it in itself (and would be an excellent resource for creating and critiquing fictional portrayals). blackpast.org/african-american

covid, twitter left discourse weirdness 

And now I have at least 65 places around the internet where I need to change my stored email address. Think I’ll be doing this one in stages.

Good morning, by the way. I’m a bit headache-y today but ibuprofen will deal with it.

Still sad about what happened to No Mans Sky, tbh.

covid adjacent, still trying to find a good time to go for a walk 

And instance mutes. Instance mutes are important too.

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It’s not quite true Mastodon made me trans - wanting to be someone else online was a big part of why I moved from twitter - but acceptance and support from the communities here has been so important to me.

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Three years today since I joined the fediverse. *pours out a libation for witches.town despite everything*

Good morning. No work for me today - college is closed for Easter - so I get to stay in bed longer. Here’s one more garden pic now I’m up, though.

And a snippet of the evening chorus from the wooded part of Wandsworth Common.

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work, zoom (~) 

CW uspol, please. Especially if you’re venting rage, despair, or cynicism.

anti-"beauty", weapons mention, drawn ec 

Measuring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on trans health & trans health care

I’m now incapable of seeing “ffmpeg” without misreading it as “ffmpreg”.

'humans are not the virus', article 

now that I am apparently a swedish resident til who knows when, I am in a new complicated situation: MEDS

I brought enough for my month trip, but now we are at 5+ weeks and I am about to run out of hormones SOON.

apparently sweden doesn't allow import of medicines by mail for personal use. hmm. what to do ...

any advice appreciated!

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