Whatever they're using to clean the carpets at work today smells of nectarines. I approve.

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I need some trans-friendly radfem stickers for my PC, I think.

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I want to see a world where we no longer center software developers in our endeavors. Where "source code" is no longer our main concern. GitHub created a world where we take source code for granted. Let's keep doing that!

Now stop taking for granted the labor that requires.

I'm increasingly of the opinion that the way forward for us is to build a dual-purpose Commons: one where our communities can freely partake and share and collaborate and learn and build each other up, while those who seek to profit on their own terms put cold hard cash down.

I wrote a very personal piece about being an Asian American archaeologist for Sister STEM and Science Rising's latest series on politics, identity, and STEM.


#archaeology #sciencecommunication #academia #stem #science #womeninstem #decolonization #museums

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Can we be public about thanking our friends on here whenever something nice happens?

Someone says something nice, someone supports you, someone makes you smile.

Let's be open in affirming each other and promoting good behaviors and positivity

...and in exciting tech news, it appears the new monitor does look visibly better but doesn’t do much for motion sickness. Ah well.

Got myself a better (but still cheap) monitor for my PC in the hope it’ll help with my motion sickness, and it turns out to be a “G-MASTER BLACK HAWK” with a ridiculous military cyborg on the box. Why is gamer culture?

theory is a lot easier than you think if you take a look at it. not every book is Capital with 1000 pages. I'm a dyslexic who dropped out of school at 17, trust me those books are a LOT easier than you think

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marks out of tenancy is a website for rating landlords in the UK. landlords hate being held accountable but this site makes it easy!


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(Ballet tonight. Four pieces by the Astana Ballet of Kazakhstan at the Linbury.)

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