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Just discovered libsixel that allows you to display graphics on a VT-330 terminal (and xterm) and I'm fascinated.

Is wondering if you could mod a toy laptop into a functioning laptop.

Had a super weird dream about designing a block signalling system for a model railway last night. My brain is weird.

Looks like something knocked out the main power cable to our town tonight as the whole town lost power for a few hours. Wonder what it was as it's pretty rare here.

Just been reminded of the seventh Doctor (Dr Who) and how much young egg me fancied ace (though not sure how much it was fancying her vs wanting to be like her).

Is it bad that I want a USB style plug but for 240v?

Frodo taking a piece of paper that came out instead of his printout: Wait... there are markings. It's some form of Elvish, I can't read it.
Gandalf: There are few who can. The language is the that of Mordor and printers, which I will not utter here.

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2nd laser hair removal appointment today. So I get a pulse laser fired at my face to incinerate my stubborn hairs.

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your prefered date format?

(pls boost)

Had a nice chill evening playing stardew valley tonight think I'm prepared for winter this playthrough.

Thinking of building a mini webserver to run on my ereader so I can use it for storing info while playing games and stuff.

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Mastodon 2.6 will introduce a new privacy setting, better suited for your most important toots.

From Killjoy McCoy @letsgoayo on the birdsite:
The reason why all cultures have mermaids is because drawing legs is hard

Finished work so switched over to my personal laptop. It feels tiny compared to my work one (personal is a 13in convertible I also use a tablet).

Watching a video this morning about how far you can get from St Pancras station in London, UK by rail in 24hrs.

From @Rainmaker1973 on the birdsite:
In 1881, the Harvard Observatory director was frustrated with his staff & would say "My Scottish maid could do better!" He hired his Scottish maid, Williamina Fleming (born in 1857) who classified tens of thousands of stars & discovered white dwarfs

Fav's so far Czech, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

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