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So what is exactly do they have in mind by 'heavy plant' when they have heavy plant crossing signs. Is it a triffid or maybe a large tree? 32 here it awful.

@shivvi I'm more interested in the dragon that just hoards stuff that's shiny so has an entire hoard of iron pyrite.

ADVENTURER 1: Yay, we killed the dragon!
ADVENTURER 2: Why does the dragon have a hoard of Blahaj?

Just discovered there's a city called London in Ohio.
Also it only has 10,000 people in it. I'll never complain about Ely not being a proper city again.
Though curiously it has more people in it than the City of London (at ~9k) due very few people actually living in the square mile and everyone travelling in to work.

@fuchsiashock I really want to build a mini-ITX based PC with a decent graphics card next time I upgrade (will prob be awhile).

Does the State of California believe everything causes cancer?
Is thinking about the time I had a graphics card with a warning label on it even though it would of passed the REACH directive so it could be sold in Europe.

If your a trans women and a evil villain do you throw your hench people into a tank of Blahaj if they fail at their mission?

@cassolotl there are types of glass that have a coating that reflects IR not sure how good they are in practice. Maybe they have that in mind.

In other news our bathroom light switch is now functional again.

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The women in screwfix said my nose piercing looked really cute on me so feeling good about myself atm.

@efi I'm more into transport fever these days.

@chjara @efi Yea it reminds me of the sort of thing they have on the Rhine in Germany for barges.

Maybe I should disable the TPM module on my desktop so Microsoft don't notify me everyday that I should upgrade to Windows 11.

Dreamt last night that I went to the US to see some trans friends I knew online who where recovering from lower surgery. Was one of the most wholesome dreams I've had in a long time.

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