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So here's my updated old post from WT post.

I'm Lou, I'm ish (which is probably a post in itself) and a programming/tech witch. I'm also shivvi@octodon 's (though she doesn't post anymore) worst half.

I'll mostly be posting about and stuff.

Wants a map of Tamriel for Tranport Fever 2

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"That's not what I expected," the knight said.
"What?" said the princess. "It's a dragon hoard."
The knight tried to count the dragons cuddling in a pile.
"I started with one, then found a couple of strays." The princess shrugged. "I guess I just started collecting them."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories


me and @shivvi are now discussing how to test a python after I received a job advert looking for 'python testers'

I have a feeling that half of my motivation to learn german is so I can watch transport fever and train videos

I think I might of given my passengers the germen (or swiss) equivalent of a pacer!

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in other news, DE ICE trains have an API, I now have a fish snippet that formats it for my status bar if it detects that I'm on an ICE train's WiFi~

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A: dns record
AA: battery
AAA: battery
AAAA: dns record
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Christmas reminder that trans people are more likely get fired/evicted and when they do have jobs, they more often than not make under $15,000 a year.

So instead of giving holiday donations to the transmisic Salvation Army, give it to people that actually need it.

I also highly recommend when learning a language to slip it in to bits of your daily life like shopping lists and other stuff.

Me and @shivvi are currently accusing each other of being milk drinkers in German.

Learning German and getting my hast, habst and hat mixed up, think I should know du hast from ramstein!

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"“Also, if Hordak can use they/them pronouns appropriately, I think anyone can. Do you really want to be worse than Hordak by misgendering nonbinary people? No, you don’t.”"

humour uk pol 

I'm currently learning German and disappointed to learn that there is no such word as einpuff (auspuff is exhaust pipe).

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UK HRT Shortages 

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Your password must contain:

At least one upper class character
At least one lower class character
At least one symbolic character
At least one character being punished by the gods
At least one character with a dark secret
At least one character who pilots a giant robot
At least one character torn by unrequited desire and self-reproach
At least one character from the Supplemental Outer Ideographic Plane
At least one space station
At least one instance of the string 'password'
At least one number

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