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So here's my updated old post from WT post.

I'm Lou, I'm ish (which is probably a post in itself) and a programming/tech witch. I'm also shivvi@octodon 's (though she doesn't post anymore) worst half.

I'll mostly be posting about and stuff.

Is discussing wheter 2 light seconds is sufficient distance for social distancing with @shivvi

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A knight rode up to the tower.
"Fear not, fair princess," he called, "for I have come to save you!"
The princess looked down from a top floor window.
"What wonderful news!" she said. "You have a vaccine?"
"A what?"
"So I don't have to self-isolate!"
"No, but-"
"Then I'll stay."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I think I need one of these for the UK between 2016-2020 (or later).

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"No," said the autonomous car, "that is not an essential journey. Stay home, stay safe."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Started using a self-reporting symptom tracker app to help with #COVID19 tracking, which will help with public policy regarding safely ending the shutdown. The more data they get the better prepared we are.

I really need to get back into learning german again. I'm finding it difficult to get motivated to do anything atm though.

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Only outlook would remind you that your 5 weeks late for a meeting.

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I was bored and started watching videos of gas engineers servicing boiler. So I just looked at youtube saw copper pipes and thought that looks like a cool water cooling setup, turns out it was someone's boiler.

Every time I see Intel Z390 chipset, I think it's an IBM mainframe model no.

Today I learned you can buy new heat spreaders for CPU's. The idea of removing the epoxy from my PCs CPU is scary enough without replacing it with a new one and hoping it makes contact properly.

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Accidently changed my keyboard layout from UK to German. Wondered why all my Ys were Zs.

So not only did my PC break during the last few weeks but the raspberry pi controlling the 3d printer also didn't survive the winter.

Also why are there loads of people on a train marked not in service?

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One of the things I missed was games in the first person, finding Train Sim World really good for getting out the house virtually.

Yay I finally have a PC again now after my motherboard broke just as the government ordered lockdown three weeks ago!

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