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So here's my updated old post from WT post.

I'm Lou, I'm ish (which is probably a post in itself) and a programming/tech witch. I'm also shivvi@octodon 's (though she doesn't post anymore) worst half.

I'll mostly be posting about and stuff.

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Your password must contain:

At least one upper class character
At least one lower class character
At least one symbolic character
At least one character being punished by the gods
At least one character with a dark secret
At least one character who pilots a giant robot
At least one character torn by unrequited desire and self-reproach
At least one character from the Supplemental Outer Ideographic Plane
At least one space station
At least one instance of the string 'password'
At least one number

Watching sci-fi program.

Narrator: In the future we will have all forgotten about ergonomics.

Misread Steven, King of England as Steven King of England and imagined the shining set in a b&b in dartmoor.

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Our internet is not sure if it's down at the moment. It's failed a line test by our ISP and we have no dial tone, however we appear to occasionally get a connection at about a 3rd of the speed it's supposed to be, weird!

The supreme Darlek spacecraft, brought to you by B&Q (UK diy chain)

Dr Who: If this tunnel is never used why is this torch still alight?
Me: I ask myself the same thing every time I play Skyrim

Only in Dr Who would you be attacked by rampaging morris dancers

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Never underestimate the sheer adorableness of trans ladies and trans enbies being cute to each other on your timeline.

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This year my new years resolution is 320x256

Year is updating.

All your files are exactly where you left them.

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2019 is the year of the linux desktop in the internet zodiac

people born under the sign of the linux desktop are more likely to have issues with the status quo, try to do everything themselves, and believe in the impossible

My holiday project this year is a throttle for my joystick as I don't have a hotas. I'm currently working on a gearing mechanism to increase the resolution of the rotary encoder I'm using.

Since I've had a 3d printer I've learn't far more about engineering and design then I ever did at school (did study mechanical engineering at college sadly).

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