Totally out of the blue, but I had the nostalgia urge to try EverQuest II again the other day, and I've been playing some with @BeerFox and generally nostalgia-ing right out. Here's my steampunk-lookin' rat. :3

okay so pizza bed was rad and all, but I feel like this is a time of change, so I'm ordering new bedsheets.

This time it's gonna be watermelons.

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you guys CHECK IT OUT both my new sets of boots are here!

Also one of the shoe boxes had some amusing Engrish.

I mean, how would *you* review an egg slicer? There's only so many things you can say.

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also got ADDITIONAL NEW BOOTS ordered because I like having options.

And as I just mentioned to @BeerFox, I think my entire footwear aesthetic boils down to, "would this look appropriate in a post-apocalyptic setting?" >.>

Buying clothes on Amazon, the bad part: have to wait for delivery, hope things fit properly.

The good part: I can get pretty much my entire aesthetic in one place, even if my aesthetic is weird as hell.

Spotted this on my DVD shelf and started loudly meowing the theme tune.

It's fortunate that I live alone.

As you can see, @BeerFox and I take this game very seriously. Here are our sparkledog forms.

I guess I was watching YouTube while sleep deprived earlier, because my whole recently-viewed list is like

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