Is anyone here colourblind, or know someone who is? I'm working on some alternate palette options for @krasten, and it'd be really super helpful if I could get some feedback on the colour choices from colourblind folks (preferably all three main types).

@gc i'm red-green colourblind, can't remember the exact type but i'd be happy to take a look

@xaphania Sweet, thanks. :) I've attached a pic of the main (unaltered) base palette I'm using right now. Could you let me know which colours on there are difficult to tell apart from each other?

@gc i can distinguish all of these pretty easily, the only ones i might have some trouble with is 0x54 Red and 0x56 Yellow if used together (also that colour name is confusing to me because it seems very.. not yellow)

@xaphania Oh, excellent. :) Are 5A, 5B, 5C, 5D and 5E fairly easy to distinguish from each other?

And yeah, 56 is an odd one, that's definitely an orange-brown shade. It's because the palette is based directly on the old CGA colours, and for technical reasons, 'dark yellow' always used to be shown as a sort of orange-brown mess rather than actual dark yellow.

@gc yeah A-E seem fine. LRed on Magenta is a little bit hard to distinguish but this might be more of a contrast thing than colour vision

@xaphania Alrighty, thanks. ^^ Based on info I've gathered, I've put together two alternate palettes (the top row for two types of colourblindness, the bottom row for the third type). Would you mind taking a peek, and let me know if either the top or bottom row all seem visually distinct from each other?

@gc bottom row looks fairly good, all pretty distinctive from each other except the 3rd/4th from right. top row the 2nd/3rd from left i have trouble distinguishing, as are 4th/5th from left.

@xaphania Alrighty, looks like I'm pretty close, then. :) Some of the shades are similar in terms of contrast, but as long as the left half of one row looks different from the right half of the same row, we should be good. :3

(The top row is yellows/browns and blues for red-blind/green-blind, the bottom row is reds and cyans for blue-blind.)

@gc yeah, in that case there's definitely a clear definition between left/right half on both rows


@xaphania Excellent. :D Thanks for the help! ^^

@gc np! thanks for putting this consideration into your project :ms_blue_heart:

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