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lengthy introduction post on yo' timeline 

alright so I never got around to doing , better late than never.

I'm a 37-year-old /#genderqueer from the UK, a massive nerd and serial shitposter. I enjoy mild-to-moderate levels of chaos, but not out-and-out anarchy.

Hobbies include , (mostly C++ these days), occasional indie (I have a long-running weird little personal game project), shitty oudated , terrible , and thinking about .

Hokay, so I've been kinda lax on the updates here recently, but development of Krasten is still very much ongoing. :3 I just want to cover a few of the new features I've been working on in the last few months.

Okay so big update time, since I've not posted much here about the project lately, but I've actually been working on it a whole bunch.

One of the biggest updates is 0.75, Tabula Rasa. This is a collection of major changes to the game word and gameplay: (1/7)

Is anyone here colourblind, or know someone who is? I'm working on some alternate palette options for @krasten, and it'd be really super helpful if I could get some feedback on the colour choices from colourblind folks (preferably all three main types).

Also in this version of the game you can jump out of a window on the FAC tower and probably badly injure yourself. If that isn't a selling point, I don't know what is.

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okay so things aren't really at the point yet where I'm quite ready for another public pre-alpha release, but I fixed an absolute ton of bugs lately and I don't want people to judge my project too harshly by its older versions.

So if folks are curious:

There aren't many quests and such up right now (I'd hoped to get a lot more of them finished before my next release), but there's a bunch of other new features in place now. :3

Totally out of the blue, but I had the nostalgia urge to try EverQuest II again the other day, and I've been playing some with @BeerFox and generally nostalgia-ing right out. Here's my steampunk-lookin' rat. :3

okay so pizza bed was rad and all, but I feel like this is a time of change, so I'm ordering new bedsheets.

This time it's gonna be watermelons.

food, shitpost 

Trying to decide what to put on my sandwich now that I've just returned from food shopping.



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Kilogram of potato salad? Hell yes. :D

Taking the new boots (and new cargos and shirt) out for a walk while I go to buy food, starting with the more expensive ones (the first pic in my post earlier). They seem pretty comfortable so far! :3

Okay it's still too early so I'm going back to sleep now. :3

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you guys CHECK IT OUT both my new sets of boots are here!

Also one of the shoe boxes had some amusing Engrish.

Finally, since it's been suggested a bunch: yes, I am totally planning on dyeing my hair purple at some point. In fact, my sister has recommended a hairdresser who specialises in colour, so at some point I'll probably try the GC-style black and purple thing.

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Also, since my long-term goal (especially once I've lost weight and all) is to go for a more androgynous look, I've been looking up some 'natural' makeup tutorials on YouTube, and my bathroom now has a bunch of new unfamiliar products which I've not yet tried.

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The oven alone was an ORDEAL of which we shall not speak again, and still needs some repair work done on the door hinges. But this is pretty much why I've been so quiet on social media lately. Busy busy times.

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So the last few days I've been on a "fix things in life I'm unhappy with" kick, hence getting new clothes and such, and also I've been doing a mega deep clean/tidy of the apartment.

And holy shit, it's turned out to be a lot more work than I expected. >.>;

*big stretch, yawn*

that was a good sleep :3

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