I'm really learning to dislike makefiles. Just going to use shellscripts from now on for my personal projects...

@txusinho lol! Every time I open it, I lose 3 hours of my life.

@trinsec RimWorld is fun, too! I was a bit intimidated by the UI at first, but the Dwarf Fortress Wiki has a Quick Start Guide that gets you off the ground. After that it becomes pretty intuitive.

Once again I'm addicted to Dwarf Fortress. Great.

I guess since I didn't import my old posts I'll do an .

I run tilde.institute and I write code. Over the years my hobbies have included camping, hiking, kayaking, biking, photography, kickboxing, skateboarding, urban exploration (goes with photography), going to a bunch of punk and ska shows, and probably others I've forgotten to include. Not all of those apply today :p

@ensa the only other one that I can think of is subversion (Apache)


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