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i thought hmm, better check in on masto but it seems my windows client Mstdn, last updated 2.5 years ago, has finally lost the ability to, err, display mastodon

which is a drawback

so here i am in my browser feeling like a pheasant

that's right, the bird

BCAAAW!!!! 🐦

rm just left for 5 days, you know what that means... 

✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨
✨ 🎉 💃 🕺 🎉 ✨
✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

mercy reboot: when you reboot windows because it's starting to act way too weird

stangely satisfying to (re-) assign all my current game devices sensible DHCP IP addresses in the router

we organized now

MusicBee, wow 

holy crap, this is brilliant.
(80% of my lib isn't tag-vetted yet)

"What is the Inbox?
The Inbox node is a feature unique to MusicBee. It is a separate section of your library designed to hold newly added files until they're "ready" for your library, whatever that may mean to you.

The most common use of the inbox is to make sure files are tagged to your liking before adding them to the main library. This ensures that an Auto-Organize template will organize them correctly, among other things."

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finally listened to the ongoing, crazy-positive buzz (NPI) and checked out MusicBee. looks super promising! 

my testing was brief but UI seemed great, no problems yet. also seems light and snappy. good dark skins.

but as a chiptune fan my main question for music apps is "can it support Winamp plugins?" and MusicBee's answer seems to be (a qualified) yes!

gotta test 20+ plugins, but seems v. promising so far. Winamp's a zombie; be great to adopt an app in active dev.

neg: win only (officially), closed src

@lifning whoa, great thought. thanks!

never really used Cheat Engine (tried briefly once, got intimidated and bounced off) so that'd be a learnin' process!

i also have some small hope that not all games' save files are resistant to simple memory card hex edits

i remember, now: i tried to hexedit the old name in the save file but R-Type Delta then deemed it corrupted, due to some checksum thing it probably does

so i had this weird "debugger" version of PCSX (pictured) and it must've allowed real-time memory editing; i think i edited the names in-memory while the game ran, then saved in-game to produce an updated memcard file

wish i documented the exact steps!

i hope PCSX2 (the only PS2 emulator that's widely compatible, afaik) has a similar debugging function!

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if yr reading this you're probably good 👍

can't believe i managed to edit my deadname out of my PS1 R-Type Delta save file a year and a half ago but failed to document the steps for my future self 😞

came to mind again as i'm thinkin' of makin' a modern PS2 HDD setup and i still have all those saves dumped, too

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💫Alyx relayed
💫Alyx relayed

@banneret i'm mostly considering the english library, tbf.

its library is certainly stronger for folks who know Japanese and are predisposed toward VNs and such, though it still doesn't compare at all to its predecessor imo

that said Vita's a big part of my VN plans because that's one genre in which later Switch releases don't really outclass the Vita versions in meaningful ways

things like action game and RPGs, tho, often have much better presentation / gfx / load times on switch, PC, etc.

i've pretty much only played PSP on the Vita so far

(did play 2 hours of Ys Origin and it's disappointingly rote so far. no interesting systems to dig into. i'll persist a while..)

Vita without hax: 4/10? small library w/ few exclusives, oft-bad performance, limited to PSP/PS1 games Sony puts into store

Vita with hax: 8/10
plays the vast majority of PSP and PS1 libraries without issue, and sometimes better than original platforms (right-analog/screen/touchpad mapping, PS1 fast-fwd!). so many great games!

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@witchfynder_finder cool, thanks for sharing

now having access to virtually unlimited game content, i have a bit of a manic feeling that i need to consume consume consume it at a very high speed or... or i dunno. it's weird, and probably has a bit to do with my mid-life fixation on my own mortality. only so many years left to, well, see everything worth seeing.

(one might ask why i'm focusing so much on video games then, but i digress)

i chose Planetarian for its combo of sci-fi+brevity; Steins;Gate has always sounded like something else i'd enjoy so that's a strong candidate for next. i'm just leery of it taking (comparatively) forever to get through

ah well, can't hurt to start.

other decent contenders for nexties are The Nonary Games (999 + Virtue's Last Reward) and Danganronpa, simply because of their great reps and being so widely known in the west. seems like games i should be conversant in / sample for myself.

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if she's not just as "alive" as we, where do ethics come in re: how we treat her? is she really just a charming tool/object? where's the line where an artificial human (lifeform?) suddenly moves from tool/object to full-fledged individual with self-evident rights?

i'm not sure Planetarian fully comes down in one camp or the other, and i appreciate this ambiguity, as well as its inversion of the BR trope

overall, successful first go! down for more VNs. just a little intimidated at how long many others are.

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it feels like an inversion of the "more human than human" quality of Blade Runner-style replicants. we're used to fiction saying "hey bigot, they're just as real as we. maybe... moreso!"

not in Planetarian. Reverie is a tool, a malfunctioning one even, and the limitations of her programming leave her unable to comprehend reality 30 yrs after an apocalypse destroyed the society she was designed to serve

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finished my first VN since 1994 Snatcher this week, Planetarian (PSP, english patch) and, well, i made it! yay!

the ending has a rep for tear-jerking but i only felt a small twinge. mild letdown as i like media to provoke strong feels (Little Women 2019 was amazing btw!) but i enjoyed Planetarian on other fronts

particularly how it depicted a robot who looks and sounds like a human girl but is utterly, thoroughly non-human - and far less than human! - despite any wishes we the audience may have otherwise

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some responsibilities bearing down on me this week

yesterday i shoulda made a v. imp. call to ensure my health ins. continues but my partner in crime tempted me into a random SF ferry adventure

when riding her bike my phone fell out and broke! i was pretty dejected for a bit (thank goodness i can do the call today with my PC and google voice)

didn't do much in SF, kinda boring, low-key. but longer-term i think pleasant memories of takin' a ferry and hangin' w/ her will outweigh the temporary setbacks 😌

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