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@Skirmisher back when i was trying to learn it a few years back configuring the steam controller inevitably replaced actually playing the game i was trying to configure it for

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still periodically think about Sony clip “one-station radios” from the late 1980s, where you had one earphone/battery unit and tuned to different stations by *swapping physical cards* with art representing each station, and naturally the art is sick as hell

some surprisingly cool visuals from the very first 1983 g.i. joe episode (hasbro posted some on YT)

the sign in the first one (a really attractive bg painting imo) charmingly says US MILITALY. bet that was never remotely decipherable back during the original broadcasts

the last is a decently executed 3D terrain flyover. the episode starts with similar runway landing shots, much simpler, where it looks like the runway could be CG. if i had to bet i'd say it's not tho since my understanding is that the first anime to use CG was 1983's Golgo 13 movie

(golgo trailer has boobs)

the reason I pulled it out is someone on fb just reminded me that The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran exists and is by most accounts wonderful.

in ebook:
(if the link gives a DB error removing the http:// seems to work fsr)

it's also extremely succinct. all plusses.

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seems i let the battery drain on my forever-offline Kindle, so upon getting some juice it just rebooted for the first time in years

i've got some real bad news for it about the state of the world in April 2020

@Skirmisher sometimes i just want to throw shit up and not worry about thinking of CWs, is all. in a very impulsive-feeling mode lately.

@ramona mm

in my case, even then, i would worry about offending masto users' sensibilities

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The Olympics being postponed knocks us severely off track from the Akira timeline.

tomorrow is 2 weeks at home. i've trained my whole life for this, etc.

over last few weeks i keep wanting to share shit: sudden thoughts, views on current happenings, etc. but this doesn't feel like the place (as you may have noticed). i wondered why.

perhaps part of it is i'm in a mood just to throw shit out there as fast as i think it and maybe have a few cathartic interactions with randos. that doesn't feel super compatible with the slower pace and CW culture we have on masto

i guess i want a more no-holds-barred twitter xp right now. the thought of holding back even a little doesn't appeal. that's not everything but it's part of it. i find myself wanting a different venue.

(this is not any kind of attack on CWs or the culture we have here, btw.)

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revolution so we can all have groceries and healthcare instead of not having groceries and healthcare

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question for the stuck-at-home crowd: what are your preferred video-chat apps? web, desktop, whatever is fine. i know skype and discord. what else is good?

bonus Q: what's your preferred app/website/etc. for co-watching a movie (streamed from one of your PCs) with distant pals?

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i've been on full "stay the fuck home" mode for a couple days now, but i chatted with a handful of neighbors today and i think i can now say with some confidence that mostly the part of the population that takes this seriously is the part that lives on the internet.

i'd like to experience the future where i'm kinda embarrassed about how seriously i took this, to be clear. it beats hell out of the one where the internet is right.

checking in (current events, don't read if anxious) 

hope you've all been OK given what's been going on!

i've been following this thing intensely for the past month, did my prep end of feb. (absolutely confirmed that when the govt says "there is no need to stock up on extra supplies" that is *exactly* when you should be.)

it still feels surreal, a slow-motion train crash quality. most indications are we're only in the beginning of the crisis.

there is so much ignorance out there impeding efforts to control the outbreak. and holy shit, it's clear to all that the u.s. govt has no clothes. its crisis response is barely functional! books will be written.

i am very lucky to feel relatively safe and secure right now, holed up with material needs, but i worry about my older and immunocompromised friends, and everyone across the country (world) who wasn't so able to prepare...

we're in the early phases of some real shit. let's try and take care of each other as much as we're able. that's what's most important.

@envgen i can't think of a good way to disinfect the damn things. in the past think i've seen some people send them thru dishwashers but i don't have one

this week i suddenly gained the gumption to redo and update my aged 1609 win10 LTSB install. haven't done anything yet but it no longer feels completely offputting fsr. running with it :P

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