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checking in (current events, don't read if anxious) 

hope you've all been OK given what's been going on!

i've been following this thing intensely for the past month, did my prep end of feb. (absolutely confirmed that when the govt says "there is no need to stock up on extra supplies" that is *exactly* when you should be.)

it still feels surreal, a slow-motion train crash quality. most indications are we're only in the beginning of the crisis.

there is so much ignorance out there impeding efforts to control the outbreak. and holy shit, it's clear to all that the u.s. govt has no clothes. its crisis response is barely functional! books will be written.

i am very lucky to feel relatively safe and secure right now, holed up with material needs, but i worry about my older and immunocompromised friends, and everyone across the country (world) who wasn't so able to prepare...

we're in the early phases of some real shit. let's try and take care of each other as much as we're able. that's what's most important.

checking in (current events, don't read if anxious) 

@gatewave yup, I am in pretty much the same place. Did critical prep late Feb, now social distancing at home, not going out except for needed items and as little as possible at that

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