a kind soul uploaded fresh EverDrive Packs to, get 'em while they're hot~

EverDrive Packs contain all-ish game roms for any given console, neatly organized, *plus* optional, highly curated "game collection" folders that gather, say, all games with co-op, all games based on movies, a media site's top 25 underrated games on that system, etc.

you can build the packs yourself from No-Intro romsets...
but with these downloads that hard work's done 👍

@gatewave Is there no "download all" button? I can't seem to find it.

@gatewave oh never mind, I found it and it said the total size of the files is too large for "zip-on-the-fly", which i assume is how it does download-all

thank you for bringing this to our attention, also!

@Felthry i can suggest two ways to mass-download from

the torrents on are often said to have problems; for example, they cannot be updated with new files once created (that's just the nature of torrents). you may or may not have success using torrents for downloads.

the foolproof method is to install JDownloader2, which is great at parsing URLs and extracting all download links. try it, it's a wonderful, powerful application.

yw :)

@gatewave jdownloader seems interesting! I was going to just manually download them all since it's not really all that many

Definitely looking into jdownloader more though, this sounds useful

@gatewave Haha it was cool to see some outdated builds of my own stuff in the NES pack

@NovaSquirrel if you care to / it's relevant you can open an issue at the smokemonster github to request they be updated

i do wonder if the Game Series Collections folders are no longer actively maintained (they were created by one tjstogy) now that the ED Pack project's gone lower-profile (its forum threads closed, downloads became scarce, etc.)

@gatewave The build of my game that's included was from when I had just fixed all of the major bugs, so it's probably fine honestly.

@katnjia story of my... well, last couple years at least!

last month Best Buy (u.s. chain store) had a ridic holiday deal: external (but shuckable / removeable) WD 14TB HDD (decent model) for $200. (my PC has "only" 10TB between 3 drives so that would've more than doubled it.)

i stayed my hand only by having already spent way too much recently, and the knowledge there'll be an even better storage deal next year

in the meantime, gotta trim the archives and organize what i have. been puttin' it off. 😑

@gatewave My current storage is in practice 3+1TB. I'm in the process of making a file server, which will house 6TB spread over 6 2,5" SATA drives. Most likely is going to be less; I have to see what kind of RAID setup I want. All I'm missing is an enclosure for the server.

@katnjia oh nice, sounds like you're gettin' serious

i researched NAS stuff recently but came to the conclusion that i can't afford spending $1000+ right now (between drives and NAS) on a storage server i am apparently surviving OK without

it WOULD be nice to not have so much storage relying on the welfare of my aging PC tho

@gatewave If you don't mind going for "older hardware", the pricetag for server hardware is around 200-300$. Most of my stuff is bought on eBay from Chinese companies that are shifting out their hardware. As long as you look for known brands, you can score a pretty good deal.

@katnjia oh that's interesting. you're talking full-fledged standalone (but maybe headless) PCs instead of just NAS-style devices, sounds like?

@katnjia i have always wanted a big rack... :thonking:

i think smaller form factor is my general pref. really neat that you're takin' the server hw route though, i hadn't considered that :)

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