custom GB someone sold on r/GameboyMarketplace ($125). that's a fuckin' aesthetic

i'm again researching a custom modded GBA (original wide model) and relieved to see it would be cheaper than anticipated

two big reasons: GBAccelerator mod (lets you overclock to speed up grinding, etc, really neat) is incompatible w/ flash carts. so that's out! and audio amp mods are also likely out because they bring out the system's natural hiss/buzz even more, and i know i'm sensitive enough to find that a big annoyance

uncustomarily excited by the prospect of Analogue's Pocket handheld being great. if it delivers on all fronts (worried about those buttons and dpad!) it'll be a real treasure for classic handheld fans 😌

got me thinking about whether it'll be strong enough for nintendo DS emulation (unlikely?)

related: wonder if anyone's compiled a list of DS games that are playable 1) without touch input and 2) without a second screen (or that are playable if you just toggle between two screens)

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@gatewave great subreddit. makes me want to retire and start a new career as an artisanal game boy maker

@fraggle heh

check out r/gameboy too for lotsa mod talk

@sara right??

it raises several exciting possibilities for more authentic retro handheld simulation, such as leaving rows and columns of pixels blank to *physically simulate* the pixel gaps on ancient game boy LCDs or simulate said ancient LCD by applying relatively sophisticated per-system shaders

high-end CRT shaders require at least 1080p to look good, 4k is better. i think for LCD shaders (Game Boy, Game Gear, Lynx, etc) this screen will prove sufficiently high-res for great rendering quality? i hope!

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