good post about how nerd communities' mass-adoption of the closed and proprietary Discord platform will inevitably lead to the long-term loss of (or loss of access to) mountains of special-interest group knowledge and community history

"TLDR; It is not a very future-proof way of knowledge-building & archiving at all."

see also:

@gatewave should probably be paired with a discussion about the closed and proprietary wiki platform that too many communities have built their knowledge bases on

@fraggle yeah, good point and analogous to some degree.

unless i misunderstand though, at least their text and images are on the open web, and thus scraped by search engines and

@gatewave sure. in fact, i'd say that a big part of their advertising revenue comes from click throughs from search engines.

If you're ever curious why search results show two different Doom Wikis, it's because we made a big mistake way back in 2005 in adopting what is now called "Fandom".

They're more than happy to make money off your community's unpaid work and they absolutely are not interested in stopping if you decide to move elsewhere

@fraggle yeah, i'm familiar with that history :(

when seeking doom wiki info i always look for hissy! ensures i'm on the right one.

@gatewave gee, it's almost like using a product marketed at The Online Gamerz as a means by which to centralize one's social groups Is Bad, Actually. :thinkingmarx:

@gatewave this 1000%. it is really troubling that so many communities now are built on a foundation of proprietary quicksand. similar deal with Slack. these platforms tend to be harder to search for things in than the average forum, so there's more of a sense of collective amnesia. open source seems to be stepping up with things like but hosting is a huge challenge and that's what the discords of the world are selling people with the convenience of.

@gatewave thinking about this the other day with fighting games. It used to be you found like 5 year old posts about tech on some forum but now it’s all hidden inside peoples discords.

@cute yeah, that is one of the definitive examples of how this is already problematic.

and it will only become moreso when future folks either can't find out about the existence of the game/character-specific Discord they'd be interested in or heard about it, but cannot find a working "invite" link.

it's bad all the way down for everyone except the owners of Discord.

@povoq Something I find fascinating about Discord is that it has set up a weird kind of proprietary decentralization. Instead of having de facto hubs for content, you have relatively smaller communities around streamers or individual games where the information is stratified and isolated even across people in the fandom.

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