after BS i wanted more metroidvania so i randomly chose Super Win the Game

took about 5.5 hours to 100% the single-player stuff. it's excellent, almost like a forgotten NES game. looks very plain and basic at first but slowly reveals its merits as you play.

it's good. very well done.

just read Super Win the Game's postmortem

it bombed at release (2014). hope sales improved over time. it's really good.

comments on the PM are interesting, mostly coming from non-players. a major theme is that the game looks completely undistinguished based on its marketing materials. i think they have a point. (the dev admits the title sucks too. it really does.)

yet this is the best new "NES" game i've played in years. if that's what it was going for it nailed it.

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SWtG is a sequel to You Have to Win the Game, a free indie platformer in a C64/CGA/VVVVVV style which was quite a success.

i had the thought, SWtG could totally work on the NES, that'd be a very cool project for an aspiring NESdev

turns out, someone did just that for YHtWtG, porting it to C64:

you can get YHtWtG (PC) for free here:

given how much i found to appreciate in SWtG i'll definitely be checking it out.

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oh btw, the author added mod support to You Have to Win the Game and kicked things off with an EGA-equivalent tileset :blobuwu:


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@polychrome it really is.

the game also has the best CRT simulation, cooked up by its author, seen outside of the better MAME/RetroArch shaders

@gatewave yeah! It's actually pretty accurate compared to the filter-overkill most games tend to practice. I was surprised.

@gatewave what's also interesting is that most of these filters emulate NTSC while my experience was very PAL :blobmelt:

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