tip: use Keywords to search directly from URL bar

i got tired of accessing thesaurus dot com through a search engine. so i made it easier:

the URL for the word "increase" looked like this:

make a bookmark. open FF's "Library" / bookmark manager (ctrl-shift-b on windows). find the bookmark. replace the search term ("increase") with %s and add a Keyword ("thes" in my case)

now in URL bar, i can type "thes" followed by any word to arrive at the relevant thesaurus page.

@gatewave I do the same thing! t for thesaurus, d for dictionary, w for wikipedia, yt for youtube. Lowest possible barrier to entry for looking things up has made it a lot easier to maintain the illusion that I know a thing or two

@matt cool! yeah, it's super useful. sometimes i have to do something a bunch of times in a row before i think "oh, maybe i should automate this"

i use y for youtube. no offense pal but that's twice as efficient as yt :O

@gatewave duckduckgo could be used similarly, if it is your default search engine just add "!t" for thesaurus or "!d" for dictionary, find out more with "!bang"
disclaimer: I don't sell duckduckgo nor ddg accessories, just a regular user

@gatewave absolutely agree. I cannot go back to browsers without search engine shortcuts.

And I recently learned that you can right click on search boxes as a shortcut to adding them manually!

Ooooooooor you just use duck duck go, which has thousands of “bangs", as your search provider and type in "!t increase". Check out

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