also the "Why is this?" link just goes to the front page of their knowledgebase, which is unhelpful

(site is mixcloud dot com)

@amaral i'm in the united states so that is proveably false 馃

@gatewave Perhaps someone else licenced the backwards-demon-speak version.

@gatewave hello, John C. Rightsholder here, it is VERY important you can't go backwards

@gatewave The appropriate section of the knowledge base also doesn't explain why you can't rewind beyond the nebulous "licensing issues" they already told you about, but it does helpfully let you know that the restrictions are lifted if you have a paid account

Reminds me of how in the book Ubik people have doors in their homes that you have to pay 5 cents every time you want to open them. Please deposit rewind fee to activate button.

@gatewave shoutout to nicovideo where they want you to pay a subscription to jump to the middle of the video

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