never use SMS for 2FA. it's way too easy to hack

@gatewave wait, the cartridge and the card shoot power through the controllers into the television?

@djsundog correct. FCC dun give a fuck back then

also congrats, you're now licensed to operate SMS

@djsundog @gatewave From the Wikipedia page;

As of 2015, the Master System was still in production in Brazil by Tectoy, making it the world's longest-lived console.

@eggandburger @djsundog they really ought to switch to google authenticator or something

@gatewave Only if you have unrestrained telcos who don't care about the environment they work in. If you have motivated telcos who co-operate, it's possible to use SMS in a much more secure manner.

@jim i see. if i want to best secure my SMS, which cartridge should i put in the slot?

@gatewave Perhaps I should have graphics on before responding, lol

@jim true, but at least you can rest easy knowing you've secured your SMS

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