found a legit incredible blog about obscure electronic games. beautifully observed write-ups of tons of games i've never encountered, such as this 1988 game by an afro-caribbean woman about subvertng and overthrowing a slave plantation:

Freedom: Rebels in the Darkness

or a 2500+ level puzzle game that is almost literally impossible to complete:


just great

@gatewave this is a fascinating little site and i'll be reading more of it.

@gatewave i know the person who runs this blog. they are a Cool Dude

@gatewave Ooo, I played Enigma!
...I did not come close to completing thousands of levels

@gatewave @ElectricKeet Enigma Speedrun GDQ when?

Also, Freedom looks fascinating!

@gatewave I loved reading both of these! Thank you for the share!

@gatewave This is so cool! (also cc @ajroach42, this seems right up your alley)

@gatewave oh hey i played enigma! it's great, solved like 100+ levels (though that was back in 2003-2004)

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