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Namco composer Nobuyuki Ohnogi has passed away. his legendary body of work includes Galaga, Pole Position, Mappy, Bosconian, and other Namco arcade/NES hits

whenever i'm reminded Smash Ultimate (Switch) shipped with(?) 28 hrs of music and 850+ songs, many remixes of classics, i'm absolutely boggled. (world record, surely?) nintendo's nonpartisan, joyful celebration of 40+ years of game history there is really lovely

and turns out it has an A+ Galaga Medley:

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Naoya Matsuoka (1937-2014) is the outrun jazz fusion you've been looking for:

according to an incredibly comprehensive Outrun/Sega AM2 blog Matsuoka's oeuvre literally inspired Outrun's music:
(seriously, click around this blog, a decade+ of fantastic research awaits)

got there via the blogger commenting on this also-interesting Eurogamer article about artifacts discovered while moving Sega's longtime HQ:

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selfie ec, fully nude, nsfw, boost+ 

headline of a gamefaqs user's PS1 Hot Shots Golf review:
"Most Original Game of the Decade?"

hmm, maybe.... :thinking_very_hard:

DualShock 3 never got much love but i feel it's among the best console-born, gen-purpose controller for PC games*

it's a shame non-knockoff DS3s (you don't want the knockoffs) are getting rarer + pricey. i have two, but as a worrier am a little concerned for their longevity

(and holy crap it had some great color variants!)

*two good counterargs:
- preferring Xbox designs (fair)
-seeking minimal input lag (DS4 beats it handily). my DS4 qualms are poor longevity (sticks) + batt life

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i've been reading letter from a birmingham jail every MLK day for a few years now, and this is the line that's sticking out to me this year (next toot):

Wayback Machine snapshot of amazon dot com, october 1989 (detail)

my friend's coining (?) of the incredibly apt phrase "forensic enjoyment" slayed me

would you believe paypal (PAYPAL!) limits password length to 20 characters in the year of our lord 2020?

some fuckin' absurd jokers over there

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playin' Coded Arms (C+ fps) and Planetarian (my VN try-out) to start

tried a race of Motorstorm: Arctic Edge earlier (i heard it may not work in Adrenaline (the PSP-in-Vita solution)) and it was honestly real impressive. very console-like experience and the performance is good enough to not super detract from fun. the series is known for its physics and difficulty

same as Flatout, which i also tried on PSP and which ALSO had super-impressive physics and collisions (true to series form)

PSP had some mojo

Vita arrived last week (gently used slim, jpn Black Khaki) and hax are well underway. what's held me back is lack of energy to keep diggin' into the Vita/PSP libraries, so i have a good 100+ PSP games and just a few dozen Vitas queued up now and not a lot of willpower to keep researchin'.

Vita slim is a beauty, so small and svelte and light. yet it does still greatly benefit from a grip accessory to improve the ergonomics.

speakers vibe above half-vol, not sure if busted. but headphones better anyway.

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I'll say this about Ring Fit Adventure: it's a great way to spend an hour doing a twenty-minute workout.

today, weird combo of depression and get-shit-done energy

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