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Namco composer Nobuyuki Ohnogi has passed away. his legendary body of work includes Galaga, Pole Position, Mappy, Bosconian, and other Namco arcade/NES hits

whenever i'm reminded Smash Ultimate (Switch) shipped with(?) 28 hrs of music and 850+ songs, many remixes of classics, i'm absolutely boggled. (world record, surely?) nintendo's nonpartisan, joyful celebration of 40+ years of game history there is really lovely

and turns out it has an A+ Galaga Medley:

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Naoya Matsuoka (1937-2014) is the outrun jazz fusion you've been looking for:

according to an incredibly comprehensive Outrun/Sega AM2 blog Matsuoka's oeuvre literally inspired Outrun's music:
(seriously, click around this blog, a decade+ of fantastic research awaits)

got there via the blogger commenting on this also-interesting Eurogamer article about artifacts discovered while moving Sega's longtime HQ:

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The Olympics being postponed knocks us severely off track from the Akira timeline.

tomorrow is 2 weeks at home. i've trained my whole life for this, etc.

over last few weeks i keep wanting to share shit: sudden thoughts, views on current happenings, etc. but this doesn't feel like the place (as you may have noticed). i wondered why.

perhaps part of it is i'm in a mood just to throw shit out there as fast as i think it and maybe have a few cathartic interactions with randos. that doesn't feel super compatible with the slower pace and CW culture we have on masto

i guess i want a more no-holds-barred twitter xp right now. the thought of holding back even a little doesn't appeal. that's not everything but it's part of it. i find myself wanting a different venue.

(this is not any kind of attack on CWs or the culture we have here, btw.)

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revolution so we can all have groceries and healthcare instead of not having groceries and healthcare

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question for the stuck-at-home crowd: what are your preferred video-chat apps? web, desktop, whatever is fine. i know skype and discord. what else is good?

bonus Q: what's your preferred app/website/etc. for co-watching a movie (streamed from one of your PCs) with distant pals?

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checking in (current events, don't read if anxious) 

this week i suddenly gained the gumption to redo and update my aged 1609 win10 LTSB install. haven't done anything yet but it no longer feels completely offputting fsr. running with it :P

i thought hmm, better check in on masto but it seems my windows client Mstdn, last updated 2.5 years ago, has finally lost the ability to, err, display mastodon

which is a drawback

so here i am in my browser feeling like a pheasant

that's right, the bird

BCAAAW!!!! 🐦

rm just left for 5 days, you know what that means... 

mercy reboot: when you reboot windows because it's starting to act way too weird

stangely satisfying to (re-) assign all my current game devices sensible DHCP IP addresses in the router

we organized now

MusicBee, wow 

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finally listened to the ongoing, crazy-positive buzz (NPI) and checked out MusicBee. looks super promising! 

i remember, now: i tried to hexedit the old name in the save file but R-Type Delta then deemed it corrupted, due to some checksum thing it probably does

so i had this weird "debugger" version of PCSX (pictured) and it must've allowed real-time memory editing; i think i edited the names in-memory while the game ran, then saved in-game to produce an updated memcard file

wish i documented the exact steps!

i hope PCSX2 (the only PS2 emulator that's widely compatible, afaik) has a similar debugging function!

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if yr reading this you're probably good 👍

can't believe i managed to edit my deadname out of my PS1 R-Type Delta save file a year and a half ago but failed to document the steps for my future self 😞

came to mind again as i'm thinkin' of makin' a modern PS2 HDD setup and i still have all those saves dumped, too

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