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hey it's Alyx from

guess i'm a virtual network entity now

does this call for a new avatar? my old one's kinda classic!

oh hey, i just went back to ninja gaiden and beat 6-2 in... 15 minutes? 20 at most. that was totally doable. it's pretty amazing some of the "gotcha" moments the level designers worked in from their palette of hair-trigger enemy respawns and nasty-ass placements

maybe the mental guardbreak comes in when you die at any of the final 3 bosses and get sent back to 6-1. that's rough.

anyway, i've studied the bosses on YT and they're not necessarily tough. tricky, maybe. i can prolly do them with a few tries. seems like a nice way to use YT without giving google so much data. it's foss and basically an alternate front end to YT's content

oh yeah, it's super lightweight too

sensible banner ad seen on furaffinity

(srs reminder: ACA health insurance enrollment deadline for us usians is 12/15)

firefox 64 came out today! let's do this!!

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@kara took my bloodborne character for a spin and threw away like half of my pebbles. my pebbles!

some fuckin' people

last november (i keep good notes) in i set dom.webnotifications.enabled to false and it finally stopped the constant spam of "would you like to enable notifications for [website]" prompts

however it also completely disabled ff's desktop notifications so i just had to reverse the setting to let ProtonMail trigger (wanted) notifications. seems like it's all or nothing.

there should be a way to still have notifications but prevent websites from asking. (is there?) for now, the spam has resumed.

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i don't use the "archive" feature of webmail systems and just looked it up to be sure i knew what it did. i don't feel like i'm missing out on a key functionality but maybe there's something i haven't considered?

it basically moves something from the Inbox to an "Archived" "folder." if i keep my inbox mostly clear by filtering everything that hits it as it arrives i don't see needing Archive?

got to 6-2 in ninja gaiden yesterday without much trouble. guess muscle memory persists for decades! (i'm also sure retroarch's extremely low latency helps)

so now i'm at 6-2 and am sufficiently cowed by my memories that i don't want to even try it 😑

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I released a new version of my Firefox extension that will forcefully redirect you away from privacy erosive services to better alternatives. It started as a joke, but I end up actually using it.

When I want to look up a place, I instinctively and mechanically start typing "maps.googl...". This extension will instead take me to OpenStreetMaps. It will also functionally translate Google Search links to DuckDuckGo and Google Translate links to Deepl.


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returned to bloodborne after like 2-3 years away. not a smooth ride!

good thing the healing items are cheap

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90% of earth defense force 5 reviews will be useless to me because only someone who's played and enjoyed the series in the past can say if this is a worthy update or just a low-effort rehash

i'm not sure if the comedy mastermind is the reporter or these scientists, but this wapo piece on seals getting eels jammed up their noses is secretly very funny

"If monk seals could understand humans, Littnan said he has a message for them: 'I would gently plead for them to stop.'"

this is it, they scream. this is our final offer

but with one final No Thanks i have already jumped through the nearby window, falling safely away from this iniquitous den of free web storage and wack-ass discounts. Noooooooooo Thaaaaaaaaankssssss i sing, as my soul prepares for rebirth amid the phoenix flames of sudden impact

oh, and the account's closed

Uh oh, they seem a little desperate.

I slowly begin to back away, my lips moving silently: No Thanks, No Thanks, No Thanks...

oh my! they're bringing out the big guns

but, i don't really need this cloud storage, so... No Thanks

and got this

oh no! what a buzzkill!

well, i'll go ahead and quit...

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