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hey it's Alyx from

guess i'm a virtual network entity now

does this call for a new avatar? my old one's kinda classic!

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the comments on this ancient cereal's page confirm that, assuming that the human species is still around then, we'll still be bringing up trivial childhood shit when we're in our 80s

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you'd better renew or you're gonna be in serious trouble. Why? Because without all the
inside info you get from Nintendo Power, you'll find yourself locked in
the cross hairs of Star Wolf. So get out your pen and stay in the game!
F<5E >\W?N V©y KENEVN! 1 :^
'^Arcade’s archaic fighier <

just spent an hour unfollowing like 70 dead/moved accounts (farewell, w.t) and updated follows accordingly. there oughta be a better interface for this

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extremely good fact: the little clipart people in architectural renders are called "scalies"

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The lightning bugs have returned. They are making the night even more beautiful.

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The Jackie Chan game on TG16 has the most cheerful 16-bit music

it's partially my inexperience with the game but it feels like competitive Overwatch action is a noticeably harder to read/comprehend at a glance than, say, TF2

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Internet protip:

You can paste paywalled articles into this website to get to the text and get it in a way that's pleasant to read, accessible, and easy to share:

Example Washington Post article:

Compare to the paywalled Washington Post direct link (cw: us politics):

having android phone stolen reminded me how precarious app security is. ideally every app holding personal data would have optional PIN, thumbprint or other security options to discourage unauthorized access

very few do. there's a whole genre of "applocker" apps on Google Play that purport to offer this functionality to any app but the ones i looked at/tried seem hard to trust and easily circumvented (like, uninstall it easy).

OS offers nothing.

are there any solutions for apps that won't build this in?

my replacement sim card comes today but i need to make a call to unlock it :blobthinkingeyes:

Badminton Becky on YT is such a good vblogger on a really interesting beat (playing 🏸 in china as a foreigner)

i usually have no time for vblogs but i guess this is kind of targeted directly at me

this is the ideal app review. you may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

as part of my post-phone-theft security tour i deleted six years' of reddit comment history with a chrome add-on (the account's going too)

i was amused to see it turns everything into a daft utterance before deletion, making me seem like a very peculiar (albeit comfortingly predictable) presence

He goes to concert
You are looking at the stars
I am choosing a dvd for tonight

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We've got so many new GG players coming to the stream that we're gonna get close to filling 3 lobbies. People are using the stream chat to swap tips and ask questions.

It feels like playing at a local, except it's online.

Come through tonight.

just unsubscribed from r/collapse for mental health reasons

i'll try taking a break from bleak shit for once

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