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hey it's Alyx from

guess i'm a virtual network entity now

does this call for a new avatar? my old one's kinda classic!

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Hey, RPG folks! Want a FREE digital zine full of story seed ideas for sci-fi settings, collected from the Discord fanbase of MOTHERSHIP?

Heck yeah you do:

I contributed to this thing as well. Look for "The Meeting Room" and "SleepBuddiez(tm)" under D10 HYPERCORP BLACK PROJECTS.

it'd probably be pretty possible to come up with an automated process that reads a Doom wad's geometry and comes up with a square footage or acreage or whatever of traversible sectors, and then apply that to the entire contents of /idgames or whatnot.

sounds like a fun if silly project

i wonder how many square miles of non-randomized virtual spaces humans have created in video games as of today, and how that compares to square miles of land mass that exist on earth

(also, what percentage is from wads)

when i was a kid and raised catholic (don't rec) i used to find solace re: these impossible questions by mentally flagging them to refer back to once i was in heaven, where, presumably, they'd have all such data. once flagged for (much) later, i could comfortably forget the question.

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really like when games like Contra III add entirely new enemies / object layouts to higher difficulties, making for quite a different playing experience.

done well, it feels like the game's giving you more content to master rather than just having you replay the same levels made harder in predictable, less interesting ways.

not sure how widespread this is, back in the day i really noticed it with konami snes stuff though

seems River City Girls' approach is ruder AI + remove random healing drops. bogus~

pretty good research paper title

Who Falls for Fake News? The Roles of Bullshit Receptivity, Overclaiming, Familiarity, and Analytic Thinking

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Nothing makes people more uncomfortable than practically acknowledging when their politics will require your suppression or elimination, in my experience.

this fake-video expert posits generations raised on internet media possess an inherent savvy / skepticism that will make them less likely to fall for fabricated media... a rare positive take.

i dunno tho, plenty of foolish / ignorant people in every generation.

still, it's not hard to beat our parents at this. sad lul.

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"Kickstarter’s Year of Turmoil
How a Nazi-punching satire led to the first union drive at a well-known tech company—and, workers say, the firing of two organizers in eight days."

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Devil Engine is a pretty impressive 32-bit style shmup but maybe they made the achievements too hard?

utter carnage here:

the Universal Bypass add-on is great. it skips nag screens placed in front of download links. really seems more versatile / successful than userscript-based solutions i've tried in the past.

happened upon a bizarre amazon brick-and-mortar in a bougie part of town

in this store of the future data-sourced displays empower proles to be more like other nearby consumers, while smart e-ink pricetags suggest want not to buy

wearing a comfy sundress i don't remember acquiring

it has pockets (!)

no thx, i already went thru quite an ordeal reducing my nad levels to 0

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