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since I'm new to this instance I guess I should introduce myself

hi I'm galuade
allow me to summarize myself with this picture

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i guess i'm not surprised that snouts was finally inepted to death

in spite of my dislike for it it didn't deserve to go out like this

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I have a few pieces of art that I've never posted about here on mastodon so do check out my furaffinity if you want to see those

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it has been 0️⃣ day(s) since last embarrassment

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honestly it feels like a guilty pleasure but I see one of those overdesigned tiny anime waifu girls in a totally impractical outfit and I'm like God I wish that were me

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you ever just wanna be a cute anime girl sometimes

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they revealed steve minecraft so hard that twitter no longer works

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are you fucking kidding me

these days I only use mastodon to send pictures of typhlosion to kasran

it has been 1️⃣ day(s) since last embarrassment

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sorry I never post here anymore but I've been really busy being gay for this bunny

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