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This is humble, but it's one of the pieces I've been happiest with! It's made with `stitchcraft`, `ih`, and love <3

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i say a limited capacity because the way it works on the typewriter is there's a separate key for the "word extension" glyph. it works but its not terribly interesting. the same is true of Unicode, where there's a code point (U+0640 ARABIC TATWEEL) which plays the same role.

compare that to the jaw dropping beauty of Ottoman maps that use the elasticity of the script to make labels of things cover and follow the thing they label. digital text rendering cant really do this...

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i'm installing a flip flop wheel on my bike to try riding fixie and am considering installing arch on my 2015 mac book pro, if you have advice regarding either of these lmk

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fixies are to bikes what arch is to linux

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i got my hands on an old east german arabic typewriter and ive been taking it for a spin! the thing is pretty wild. missing some obscure but important letters, representing some letters up to four different times to accommodate for the cursive nature of the script. the typeface is spartan but fine. it has a certain charm to it. i dont have a project in mind, just noodling for now.

little post

i'm gaeel, i live in the north of france with my boyfriend and two cats

i like sci-fi, people, and food
i like music that goes hard
i like music that chills me out
i like watching formula one
i like modular synthesisers
i like playing d&d and lancer

mi toki kin toki pona, o kama toki tawa mi, a!


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