@IceWolf also if the case and motherboard were bought separately, it's possible that the case is simply designed to be able to host a much larger motherboard, some professional applications might use motherboards with seven PCIe slots and use the whole shebang

Some cards use multiple case slots in height. There are PCIe risers that let you place a card in a different position to the motherboard slots it's connected to.
Also some devices can use a case slot without needing a PCIe slot, for instance there are SATA breakouts for hot-swapping drives, extra USB ports, and other such utilities

@mntmn would this act as a drop-in replacement for the current SOM?

@nihilazo when it comes to samples, i find that having a small folder of good, reliable samples is better than a big bundle of every possible sound under the sun

i think i've used the same three snares and two kick samples on pretty much everything for quite a while

@nasser yeah, that could work

i think i'm focusing more on a files-only system though, having part of the data encoded in files and another part encoded in the vcs complicates things

@nasser certainly not in the same way as adding an errata or addendum to an article, for instance

@nasser that said, i probably wouldn't use git as a way to track "updates to articles" today either, many updates are typo or link rot fixes, which i don't think warrant a "article updated on <date>" mention

@nasser changes to the file structure or format of the inline metadata, for instance, which mean i have to move the files around or change them in a small way
interpreting any change to a file in the git history as "an update to the article" isn't helpful
the structure and metadata have crystallised now (which is also why i was able to release the generator as a publicly useable tool), and i don't expect to change these in breaking ways any more

@nasser in the precursor to superstructure.dev (my static site generator), i used git integration to display creation and edit dates on articles

now i only rely on inline metadata (a yaml chunk) because the git method doesn't differentiate between a content change and a refactor

@aral A bit crowded, yeah, but that looks like a properly cozy little setup

"Work" vs. labor, and obligations #2 

@dynamic and then more specifically, i don't believe that "no one should have to work"
i believe everyone has a duty to work to the best of their ability to help one another, but that duty should come from a sense of community rather than the threat of homelessness and hunger

some people might not be able to provide much or anything at all, due to their health or other reasons, but i'm able bodied and well educated, i have a duty to provide my labour to the community

"Work" vs. labor, and obligations #2 

@dynamic i think it's more of a messaging thing. when you say "no one should have to work", people hear "i believe in a society that somehow magically provides everyone with all their wants and needs without anyone ever lifting a finger".
or they hear "i'm lazy and i don't want to work, and i'm arguing in bad faith for the right to stay home and play video games".

if what you mean is "i believe everyone's needs should be met, and that people, when given the opportunity to provide for society, will happily self-organise and do their best", then that's what you should say. be clear and direct about your beliefs, take away any opportunity for misinterpretation

gaeel relayed

oh my gods. they literally have no shame about this.

GitHub Support just straight up confirmed in an email that yes, they used all public GitHub code, for Codex/Copilot regardless of license.

@ajroach42 my guidelines are:
- be explicit and exhaustive regarding unacceptable behaviour
- make clear that the list *isn't* exhaustive
- have a "no rules lawyering" rule
- mod's word is final
- the rules also apply outside the space (posting fashy shit on twitter, gtfo this space)
- have a clear way to contact mods
- if possible, an anonymous way to contact mods
- ban early, ban often, it's not worth your time trying to figure out if the user is a fash or just a bit edgy
- access to the space is a privilege not a right, "you're kind of annoying and we're tired of having to deal with that" is a valid reason to ban

@nihilazo this is something that i've been a bit uneasy about with the alternative controller scene (video games based on bespoke controllers or creative misuse of hardware).
the "alt-ctrl" scene has been around for way longer than the term "alt-right", but that term has such a strong connotation that it ruins it, and i find myself trying to use other terms for it instead

@nico_n I also recommend going through the Arch Linux Installation Guide and setting up a custom system with it
It's perfectly possible to get a good system out of it, but it takes some work.
Mostly it's a nice way to learn how various Linux bits fit together to make a complete system

@nico_n if compatibility and ease of use it your priority, probably ubuntu or one of its flavours

Pop!_OS seems to be getting popular these days too, probably because it's pre-installed on System76 computers

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