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@themoep i can't run around on my hands in the real world

@noracodes there are lego board game products that come with lego dice

they do not sound like lego

@jauntywunderkind420 yeah, i can understand the fatigue from so many connectors over the years, and perhaps some people are cautious of the "universal" promise that hasn't quite been true so far, but dang if usb-c hasn't pulled it off!
i love having my phone, laptop and monitor all using the same small, reversible connector, this is what usb was always meant to be, it's so good!

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Me, an object oriented programmer, using encapsulation to enforce a separation of concerns: Haha fuck yeah!!! Yes!!

Me, identifying interactions between the concerns I previously separated: Well this fucking sucks. What the fuck.

@aral i need to give your lipstick project a go, i'm using blackbox, which handles switching, but some of the colours are janky

(also, i'd like bpytop to also switch themes)

@noracodes that looks like a fun setup

are you using the few xaoc modules because you couldn't find anything in the mutable line-up that fit your needs?
i also wonder what it's like going for (almost) single constructor systems. i assume it makes it much easier to make module choices, and perhaps there are some nice synergies that come from a shared design philosophy

@lavendork oh thanks! i always wondered what that meant! /j

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it's called ssh because it's quieter than typing on the server's physical keyboard, so u can be sneaky about it /j

@cyberspice i'm just a dude, and i have other things on my plate

i also never said that the current form of linux should go away

@aral i also agree that linux needs to realise that mainframe multi-user models are next to irrelevant on the desktop, and that if we can find more appropriate models, it'll greatly help make desktop linux much better

@aral oh that's interesting!

so this basically lets you install and run cli apps as cargo crates the same way you'd run flatpak apps?

this laptop is called "fearless"
the background is a baby me scared out of my mind on a friend's dirtbike

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yeah, i'm really enjoying fedora silverblue

it was a little awkward at first trying to understand how to tweak an "immutable" operating system, but really with flatpaks and distrobox, it works really well

it's nice to have a system that is hard to break, and easy to roll back, and having separate containers for different versions of compilers and stuff makes development so much easier!

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My instance will be going read-only in November, and then offline next year

If anyone is on a friendly instance that'll have me, let me know!

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Here's a thought: self-hosting all technology, a common end goal of many software freedom enthusiasts, has nothing to do with freedom. Rather, it's the logical end of hyper-individualism applied to source code.

@nihilazo atom sort of filled that niche for me
it's the same engine as vs code, but it's a lot more bare bones. it has extensions to manage most of the languages you might need to use it with

@acdw so thicc that it casts a shadow

i took pictures of that shadow

food (vegan +) 

sometimes people tell me about the health benefits of a vegan diet, and like... that's cool, but i don't care about that for a second... i just want to stuff my face in a more ethical and ecological way if at all possible

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food (vegan +) 

going vegan, my greatest regret was the burger

there are some really good vegan patties these days though

burger with plant-based patty, cheese and mayo, with a side of oven "fries"

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j’ai pris une habitude dernièrement, au lieu de dire "si c’est ok pour tout le monde", je dis "à part si quelqu’un me crie dessus"

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