@acdw so thicc that it casts a shadow

i took pictures of that shadow

food (vegan +) 

sometimes people tell me about the health benefits of a vegan diet, and like... that's cool, but i don't care about that for a second... i just want to stuff my face in a more ethical and ecological way if at all possible

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food (vegan +) 

going vegan, my greatest regret was the burger

there are some really good vegan patties these days though

burger with plant-based patty, cheese and mayo, with a side of oven "fries"

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j’ai pris une habitude dernièrement, au lieu de dire "si c’est ok pour tout le monde", je dis "à part si quelqu’un me crie dessus"

i don't know if i forgot how much of a hassle arch linux was on desktops or if i simply had way more patience for linux tweaking ten years ago, but i've bailed and switched to fedora instead

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i have a new computer arriving soon, and will be using linux on it (probably arch)
i've not used linux on the (lap|desk)top since uni, anyone got any tip and tricks for setting things up nice in 2022?

i want a gui, have used tiling wms in the past and wouldn't mind doing that again, but i'm open to all recommendations

@fabio when buying a fridge, we found a couple that had that mid-century modern, semi-pastel colour style, but frustratingly couldn't find one with a hinge to the left
i think our choice of colour here is us trying to go for that vibe again

@ice i blew my candles with a hair dryer last year, it was more covid-safe

at one point the kitchen looked like this

we tried to remove some random panelling above the cupboards, and discovered that the beams were not structural, so the drop ceiling started to come down
we didn't intend to replace the drop ceiling that early, but this forced our hand, and tbh we don't regret it

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we painted the cupboards in the kitchen, and it's the glow-up of the century!
cooking doesn't feel like punishment any more

@nach i understand that the line will be blurry, but there's a big step between being in shot / people glancing at me, and reading over my shoulder / filming my personal notebook

@nach the camera should follow more or less the same rules as random strangers at the event
okay to have me in shot, perhaps brief moments where i'd be more visible, care taken not to show anything that could be private, including conversations that i've not consented to be filmed

as with strangers, if they want anything more, they can ask

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Drinking caffeine, rolling 1d6 for mental health points and then flipping a coin to determine whether to add or subtract them

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@nihilazo Not free, but perhaps Caves of Qud would suit you

Roguelike (with options to make it easier, like no permadeath) set in a distant future. The story and world building is really cool; religions based on magical interpretations of long forgotten technology, lots of cool and weird characters, plenty of both hand-crafted and procedurally generated quests

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when the creator of octocat adventures* speaks, you listen. David Oreilly is dead on.

*and other dope shit too

@aquaqueer So short answer: yes, that would be bad practice.
If you want people to be able to select another language, give them an easily accessible switcher.

@aquaqueer I've heard that it's good practice to serve a website in a language specified by the accept-language header, if no other way to determine the preferred language is provided

However, if your website has a language switcher, or provides language discrimination in URLs, you should prioritise that.

The above link illustrates this use case well. The link is to the generic docs website, and you will be redirected based on your language settings. However if you select a different language in the switcher, the URL will change. Navigating to the page with a language in the URL will serve you that version, regardless of browser/os settings.

@nihilazo that's certainly a mood
i do find a positive when this happens to me though; i'm relieved of the curiosity/desire, and i can now move on

🚫 royal "we"
👍 anarcho-communist "we"

@blinry i used this a while ago, i had a printed out copy next to my computer

lipu ni li pona mute, a!

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