First ever two cat hug!

Bounty is a bit rough and tumble, and while Patoune tolerates his presence, she always keeps her distance.
Patoune is particular about physical contact, preferring to be left alone most of the time, and then demanding hugs when she's in the mood.
Bounty is, like, whatever... He'll take hugs when he can get them, and do his thing otherwise.

I finished watching the race and have been chilling on the couch in relative quiet, Bounty sitting on my legs and Patoune at a safe distance by herself. And for the first time ever, Patoune decided she wanted in on a group hug.

fidget toy fidget spinner 

i lost my good fidget spinner a little while ago, so i ordered a new one, and it's baaaad

the centre bearing is rattly (livable, but not great), the body is all dented, and the outer bearings are completely seized up

i figured there was a chance it would be terrible, so i ordered another from a different place, hopefully it'll be a little better


home from work, let the cats out

looks like patoune had a rough day, lol


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