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this laptop is called "fearless"
the background is a baby me scared out of my mind on a friend's dirtbike

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food (vegan +) 

going vegan, my greatest regret was the burger

there are some really good vegan patties these days though

burger with plant-based patty, cheese and mayo, with a side of oven "fries"

at one point the kitchen looked like this

we tried to remove some random panelling above the cupboards, and discovered that the beams were not structural, so the drop ceiling started to come down
we didn't intend to replace the drop ceiling that early, but this forced our hand, and tbh we don't regret it

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we painted the cupboards in the kitchen, and it's the glow-up of the century!
cooking doesn't feel like punishment any more

This is what the erosion of a developer's motivation under bad management looks like

I found my old audio interface, so I've finally got a way to record the dang thing!

Full track on YouTube

Oh dang, the Detroit Underground website is hot af

(warning: flashing gifs)

pretty pictures at work

(blue and green channels are a wind vector, red channel indicates a duplicate value on at least one axis when the wind data is being read)

hobbyist music buddies, if you have a google pixel phone, there's a pocket operator app that's kind of fun to mess around with

finally got a filter in my rack
bastl ikarie, dual filter with some nice features
it runs the gamut from classic monosynth filter to stereo effects to squelchy liquid self-playing soundscape, love it!


patoune snuggles in the morn'

unboxed "argo"
my modular techno machine

i still need a good way to record it, but in the meantime, enjoy the blinky blinky

Back out of the box, hope I find the energy to jam a bit over the holidays


First ever two cat hug!

Bounty is a bit rough and tumble, and while Patoune tolerates his presence, she always keeps her distance.
Patoune is particular about physical contact, preferring to be left alone most of the time, and then demanding hugs when she's in the mood.
Bounty is, like, whatever... He'll take hugs when he can get them, and do his thing otherwise.

I finished watching the race and have been chilling on the couch in relative quiet, Bounty sitting on my legs and Patoune at a safe distance by herself. And for the first time ever, Patoune decided she wanted in on a group hug.

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