ranting about bad tech job 

I think one of the things that sends me for a loop with this job, is that the higher ups aren't even good at being ruthless capitalists.
The company is screwing over its customers, burning out its developers, haemorrhaging talent every week, but mostly because they have no fucking idea what they're doing.
Buying unprofitable companies with busted tech stacks and making no plans to overhaul anything. Deciding to try and get on the NFT grift *now*. Changing plans almost every week so half the work we do is just thrown out. Struggling so bad with internal communication that entire projects get killed because they're built on a misunderstanding or another team is already building an equivalent.

Like absolutely fuck the money-first mindset these companies operate under, but at least cut-throat immoral capitalism *makes sense*. We have no strategy, just a handful of assholes who fell backwards into a position of power, incapable of recognising their own incompetence, writing roadmaps...

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