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pc hardware rant 

building your own desktop means you can upgrade/fix things component by component

motherboard is faulty, go to replace it.
they don't make that model any more, need to get a newer one. newer one is for a different processor, and needs a different memory format.
new processor is more power intensive, ought to get a bigger psu.
now the computer has an "underpowered" gpu, and excess power supply, might as well start looking at new gpus, right?

wait, is the case and the hard drive really all i'm keeping?

pc hardware rant 

half-kidding, i could probably find a used mobo out there and have been looking for an excuse to start upgrading, but i don't think i've ever actually seen the mythical gaming pc of theseus

pc hardware rant 

@gaeel yeah. Closest you can get used to be AMD, when they had semi backwards compatible CPU slots, but even then you‘d be running a fancy new CPU with reduced features

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