tl;dr : Looking for linux distro recommendations

I'm looking at moving back to linux.
I had a dual boot ubuntu/windows for a while on my previous machine, but honestly, I'm excited to go back to it.

99% of the software I use daily is available on linux, and emulation exists for the rest.
So, realistically, I've got nothing really tying me to windows.

I'm going to try out a few distros in this week, mainly on vm I guess.

Any recommendations?

@nico_n if compatibility and ease of use it your priority, probably ubuntu or one of its flavours

Pop!_OS seems to be getting popular these days too, probably because it's pre-installed on System76 computers


@nico_n I also recommend going through the Arch Linux Installation Guide and setting up a custom system with it
It's perfectly possible to get a good system out of it, but it takes some work.
Mostly it's a nice way to learn how various Linux bits fit together to make a complete system

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