I'm playing Caves of Qud. I've not played many rogue likes before, and haven't played one in a while and I'm terrible at this.

I've started a few games already, and have died on every single fight I haven't ran away from.

This time I purchased some shiny armour and a better weapon before heading out. Turns out the currency in this game is fresh water. Shiny armour's not much use when you're dying of thirst in a salt marsh

@gaeel It’s quite brutal at the beginning (and even later), but it’s also really deep, and the bizarre lore is rather fascinating. There are many, many different builds and strategies. One good option when starting is to play a mutant and optimize your build for maximum HP and toughness (I don’t remember the exact options, sorry.) It makes earlier fights more manageable and leaves you more room for discovery.

@ice yeah, i might do that

i want to avoid spoiling the discovery of the game for myself too much, but also i feel like i need to find a guide, so right now i'm waiting to be accepted into the discord server so i can ask if anyone has a good non-spoilery guide

@gaeel The beginner's guide on this wiki is useful and has little spoilers: cavesofqud-archive.fandom.com/ (I'd say the "playing the early game" section is safe, up to the uncommon/rare encounter part. Further down, there are more details about the setting, so you may want to avoid it for now)

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