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github copilot / workers' rights 

people are angry about this thing

is it because programmers are facing the fact that the work they do is just another semi-skilled job and doesn't require the four-dimensional brain and finely-tuned craftsmanship they believe sets them apart from other workers?

there's a huge workers' rights thing to fight for here, and the tech industry's reluctance to unionise is going to cost us a lot, but we really got to stop pretending programming is such a special, amazing thing, it's just a job

github copilot / workers' rights 

don't get me wrong, i like my job, and there are a lot of things i enjoy about programming

but most of what i like about my job is that it pays well and i like my project, co-workers and office, and that has little to do with programming
and while i do get to do some fun programmy bits here and there, most of my programming work is glue code, code reviewing, keeping tests up to date, stuff like that. i don't hate it but like, i don't think i'd do these if there wasn't a paycheck and bills to pay

github copilot / siilly 

love this comment on reddit though:


"GitHub Copilot doesn’t actually test the code it suggests, so the code may not even compile or run."

Oh my god, its as competent as a real programmer

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