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i'm gaeel, i live in the north of france with my boyfriend and two cats

i like sci-fi, people, and food
i like music that goes hard
i like music that chills me out
i like watching formula one
i like modular synthesisers
i like playing d&d and lancer

mi toki kin toki pona, o kama toki tawa mi, a!

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patoune snuggles in the morn'

unboxed "argo"
my modular techno machine

i still need a good way to record it, but in the meantime, enjoy the blinky blinky

pc hardware rant 

half-kidding, i could probably find a used mobo out there and have been looking for an excuse to start upgrading, but i don't think i've ever actually seen the mythical gaming pc of theseus

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pc hardware rant 

building your own desktop means you can upgrade/fix things component by component

motherboard is faulty, go to replace it.
they don't make that model any more, need to get a newer one. newer one is for a different processor, and needs a different memory format.
new processor is more power intensive, ought to get a bigger psu.
now the computer has an "underpowered" gpu, and excess power supply, might as well start looking at new gpus, right?

wait, is the case and the hard drive really all i'm keeping?

mental health vocabulary question 

I'm looking for an alternative for "paranoid/paranoia" that doesn't relate to mental health.
For use in the context of games, movies and other media that seek to induce a sense of fear and vigilance. Media where a threat, implied or real, keeps the viewer on their toes, forcing a state of constant vigilance and second-guessing.

The word "paranoid" always pops up, and I don't want to use that term.

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i guess Actually Simple Syndication is ready for use!

it's a dead simple alternative to rss. you can implement a feed generator/reader in something like a minute

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Web 1: windows notepad
Web 2: full employment for shitty white men
Web 3: wire fraud at scale

Back out of the box, hope I find the energy to jam a bit over the holidays

I installed too many mods and broke Minecraft, lol

work rant 

"Gaeel, can you check this newsletter to make sure we got the technical parts correct?"
"Sure... Oh this bit on paragraph three isn't accurate."
"We know but we're trying to trick our users into signing up."

Paraphrased, of course, but what a mess, lol

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what's a free license? a set of rights to everyone. except no one i actually care about will read or honor this license. all it does is enable corporations to use it; with no requirement that they do anything back to me except share their source code in some conditions. and that's not enough by a lot. normalizing this as 'liberation' is fucked up

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Discord calling its guilds "servers" is a really neat marketing trick and absolutely insidious because it screws with normal peoples' already bad understanding of what a "server" is, and erases the distinction between itself and decentralised services

@im i guess i should be here more too

i come and go, often staying for a few weeks and then slowly phasing out

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my extremist opinion is self-learners have an obligation to make the knowledge they dredged up more accessible. my opinion is that there is no point to knowledge if you can't teach it to someone else

Okay so I got a fixed gear set up on my single speed bike, flip flop wheel in case I want to swap back in a hurry
Went for a little ride round town and it's nice, I got used to braking with my feet quicker than I thought!

Keeping the brakes on because, 1. might as well have brakes, and 2. I'm legally required to have at least a front brake anyway

Going to ride it to work tomorrow, a little worried about a couple downhill sections, but otherwise since the path is mostly safe, I think it'll be fun

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is your software really open source if you don’t provide any guidance on how to build it?

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