oops sorry *turns on confirmation for boosts*

sorry there is something i need to say: please don't call me "g" in future (tldr "niss" is fine) 

i picked this username before i knew who i was, specifically because it doesn't mean anything

so just call me niss, or after the thing(s) in my current avatar. whichever you prefer of those

don't feel bad if you have done in the past! but at least 5 people have, so i obviously didn't make it clear enough. ive been putting off saying anything because i only think of it after it happens, and i don't want to make anyone feel bad. but at that rate i never will, so. here

thanks for reading. i love u :ms_niss:β€Œ:niss_mlem:​:qtmlem:​:goo_uwublep:​:bip:​:bubltaur1a:​:bubltaur2:​

please select gender

art fight attack for twocue on twitter

you know how cats sit like complete weirdos sometimes? taurs do that when no one is looking too

@emi 30+ boosts: oh no that's too much. time to delete that post

art fight revenge for gray (weirddragnthing on twitter) in return for that lovely kesi pic πŸ’šπŸ’š

late goodra day pic of a snale and its gay animals

did you know that when slime creatures get sleepy they start losing structural integrity

[@avie @flussence]

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