one unexpected thing after the upgrade is that my new tabs have been...... stained

i just noticed in the scrolling text in that druaga thing the name 'ki' has a different i than the rest of the text

i started out trying to make q.t. but when there was no headgear option i went back and just did whatever

lmao the krita brush format literally starts with a png file, seemingly just so that you can view the icon in preview mode

ok here's some dragons. i did some tweaks on the existing ones and did space 2. also mostly-standard hygon colours that look..... bad, imo

i am gonna pick one of them (almost certainly flower) and do the side view etc later and make A Ref Sheet™

just looked up a couple of conlangs on wikipedia to see if they got reinstated and uh

transformation [well, post-transformation?] 

looks like niss found a quicker way to taurify people

for @flussence

happy birthday! we baked you a completely ordinary cake that definitely won't turn you into a taur or anything like that!! love, the gecs

very late bday gift for @avie 💚 💚

hot take these icons might not look that similar overall but they are abstracted in the exact same way so i mix them up constantly

[left: image size, right: canvas size]

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