@g @flussence I'm hecking here for this bubble bubble Tyranitar~

@CurusKeel @g this is the best thing anyone's done for me

i'm just gonna be over here melting

@g @flussence very cute art from gecs as always 🧑

@g @flussence@pleroma.flussence.eu gecko bobble when

@g Bubble dino about to rescue their bubble dino friend and tf into humans and live happily ever after.

@g Yes, there's a game about playing a bubble dino, arcade game where you climbed a tall tower to rescue your friend at the top

@Lotherme thinkin about the puzzle bobble title screen dance

@Lotherme also in bubble bangi u don't turn back because you like your new form better :3

@g honestly, it's only because you have bubble powers, can't have that in your human form so ;P

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