unrealistic but cute idea: exchanging plushes of your fursonae with your friends

unrealisticker but cuter idea: the plushes are like size

hi i brought u a niss hope you have a room in your house that is currently completely empty

re: fursona plushies, macro/micro friendly shrink 

@g Optionally, if a friend likes being shrunk and gives a life-sized plush that's too big for one's space, the obvious solution is to shrink them so the corresponding plush better fits =^.^=

@g one of our partners gave us life-sized fox plushes b/c shi is a foxdragon <3

@g I mean, that sounds amazing. Mostly just expensive.

@astraluma yeah! id love to do it, i just dont think id be able to afford to for long

@g My wife and I are fortunate to come pretty close to this, but by virtue of our both being nonanthro, and not being too particular about our markings, so that we can say an English Checkered rabbit plush is her and can say a coati plush is me.

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