this one is staying off twitter. i cant risk the retropals seeing it and thinking 'wtf'

ok i locked my alt and posted it on there cos there are some people who aren't on masto who might be interested

also this took a weirdly long time so i do kinda wanna show people

also i arbitrarily decided that this friend uses it pronouns, but that might never actually come up. now you know tho

@Felthry they're some streamers who played the game the original quox is from a week ago(?) and that is how i learned about them

they seemed to like the one from before ( but i feel this might be a step too far

@g (theyre huge furries too, fwiw, i dont think they'd think it too weird)

@avie i guess but idk. i get nervous easily i guess u saw the other day and also constantly

@g its okay im support and love u regardless

geck good πŸ’œ

@g oh i thought you were speaking french on that poll lmao

@g :blobcatheart:​ :blobcatheart: ​:blobcatheart: ​:blobcatheart:​ :blobcatheart:​ :blobcatheart:​ :blobcatheart:​ :blobcatheart:​ :blobcatheart:​

@g tummy looks especially plush and squishy in this one tbh

@haskal i have been Obsessed with this dragn ever since i saw them

@cdmnky the last two i stole the colour schemes of sobble + dragonite cos i couldn't think of any ideas of my own

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